Five Medical Universities with the Time-honored Traditional Chinese Medical Departments in China

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With thousands of years’ development, more and more foreigners would like to learn traditional Chinese medical science in China. Long history always means experienced teachers and firm teaching strength in China. If you want to learn Chinese medical science, the following 5 universities with the oldest history in China will be your best choice.
  • It was founded in 1958 and was one of the oldest traditional Chinese medical universities. There are 8 departments such as Pharmacognosy Department, Traditional Chinese Medicine Department and so on. After many years efforts, the school has already formed a multi-layer teaching system including specialist, undergraduate, master and doctorate. There are two majors as pharmaceutical engineering and Science of Chinese Pharmacology. And the university has trained more than 2500 excellent people in Chinese medicine area for the nation.
  • Located in Sichuan Province and based on rich Chinese medical and teaching resources. It took the initiative in setting the Chinese medical undergraduate education in 1959 in China. At present, it owns 33 professors and 27 assistant professors. And the post-doctoral mobile stations, post-doctoral scientific research workstation have been established. Meanwhile, the university took in charge of more than 145 provincial level projects and 28 of them have been awarded. In addition, more than 7000 undergraduates from the school have made great contribution to the construction of China’s medical development.
  • Founded in 1972, it has trained more than 1000 personnel at all levels for the nation. There are 60 teaching and researching personnel including one doctorate station and 5 postgraduate stations. The university has such majors as Chinese Medical Science, Pharmacy and Chinese Medicine and so on. Meanwhile, the school attempts to research on Chinese medical and has made great achievement especially in the innovation of new pharmacy, quality control research and extract of active substances.
  • Chinese medical class was opened in 1976, while it began to register the undergraduates of Chinese Medical Science in 1977. Then, in 1984, Chinese Medical Science Department was established on the basis of Chinese medical major. And it renamed as “Chinese Medical School” with the authorization of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine. After many years’ development, a comprehensive multi-level teaching system involving specialist, undergraduate, master and doctorate has been fostered. Nowadays, it has 5 majors for undergraduate students as Chinese Medical Science and Pharmaceutical Engineering.
  • It was originally the Chinese Medical Department of Nanjing College of Pharmacy. In 1985, with the authorization of the State Education Commission, it opened 7 scientific research centers involving natural medicinal chemistry, pharmaceutics of Chinese medicine. Apart from these, there are more than 1600 undergraduate students on campus. And it has two majors as Pharmacy and Chinese Medicine Resource. There are 99 staffs including 2 Cheung Kong Scholars, 16 professors and researchers and 31 assistant professors and researchers in university.

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