Top Tai Chi Chuan Training Centers with the Most Professional Coaches in Beijing

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Learning Tai Chi Chuan in China, Shaolin Temple is no longer your only choice. In recent years, numerous Tai Chi training centers have been emerging in Beijing. Depending on the first-grade teaching facilities and profound tai chi chuan coaches, they have gradually been the first choices of foreigners’ tai chi chuan learning in Beijing.
  • Beijing Mahong Chen Taichi Training Center locates at the Fangshan district of Beijing. It is a professional Chen Tai Chi training center which is taught by the successors of Chen Tai Chi Chuan. All of them have Tai Chi Chuan master certificates. According to the course options of the students, the coaches can arrange reasonable courses and scheme to ensure that every student can learn something.
  • The main coaches of Chen Tai Chi Training Center come from the national tai chi chuan cradle. All other coaches have their own original opinions about tai chi chuan research and teaching. This center has inherited the authentic Chen tai chi chuan and has formed its unique style. According to the different needs of the students, this center can provide various courses, including ordinary-student courses, intensive training courses, one-to-one courses and group training courses.
  • Beijing Dongcheng Wushu Center is the first state Wushu center in China. The coach team is made up of numerous well-known wushu masters in Beijing. Depending on the systematic, standard and scientific teaching method, this center attracts lots of wushu lovers to come and study. Dongcheng Wushu Center has set 18 amateur tai chi chuan instruction centers in Beijing. Since the foundation of the center, it has taught over 200,000 students.
  • Beijing Wankun Tai Chi Club is a famous tai chi chuan training center in Beijing. The head of the club Liuwankun is the tenth generation successor of Chen Taichi. He has rich experience in teaching Chen tai chi chuan, traditional routine of tai chi chuan and taichi hand slap, etc. Through many years’ development, Wankun Taichi Club has opened tai chi chuan training courses in many places of Beijing, which include Beihai Park junior courses of tai chi chuan, Wangjing tai chi chuan class and Chaoyang Park tai chi chuan class.
  • Penghao Tai Chi Training Center is a modern tai chi chuan training center in Beijing. This center has many training items like tai chi chuan, nunchakus, children martial arts, etc. The business area is 800 square meters. This center has complete facilities. It is equipped with 4 superpower air conditioners, professional sound system, resting area, etc. Penghao Taichi Training Center has more than 10 experienced tai chi coaches. They are quite familiar with the learning flow of tai chi chuan.

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