Top 10 Well-known Martial Arts Stars in China

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When referring to Chinese martial arts, many famous martial arts stars may appear in your head? Are their amazing performances in the movie or TV series making you more obsessed with the Chinese martial arts? Firstly, let’s know much about them.
  • Lee is the earliest martial arts star that influenced the world. His nunchakus performances are the one to none. The classic performances in Fist of Fury, Wu Chia Hsiang, Enter the Dragon, Game of Death sufficiently present his martial arts style. He also is first person that brings the martial arts to the whole world.
  • He is another martial arts master after Bruce Lee and attracts 3 generation of fans throughout the world. His unique humor, risky jump, outstanding cycling and the first-class performance make him a great idol of the public.
  • Jet Li is a martial arts star that struggles in Hong Kong from mainland. With the perfect performance in Shaolin Temple, he was known to all the audience for his authentic Shaolin Kung Fu. Such roles he acted in the movies as Huang Feihong, Fang shiyu, Hong xiguan, Xu Zhengyang, Huo Yuanjia are all Righteous people. Without any doubt, he is the spokesman of Chinese Kung Fu.
  • With a strong build as a gymnast, he is also an idol of many teenagers. His classic works includes Xin liu xing hu die jian, New Dragon Gate Inn, Drunken Tai-Chi, Hero, and the Forbidden Kingdom and so on.
  • He completely shows the charm of Chinese martial kung fu comedies. Although, he is short and fat, he is pretty agile. He did a great job as an actor, a martial arts guide, and a director. His humorous style totally shows everyone the unique attractiveness of martial arts.
  • He always gives every of his audience an impression of handsome build and a sentimental Chivalrous person in all his movies or TV series.
  • Once he studied together with ammo Hung Kam-Bo and Jackie Chan. In his lifetime, He has won the audience’ heart by his firm strength and handsome appearance.
  • He is very thin; however, he once received the most professional training. A TV series about Tai Chi introduced him to the public. Since then, more and more people have remembered his handsome and cute style.
  • When mentioned Bruce Liang, lots of audiences may recall the classic role of Chen Zhen he acted. He has got great comments since the movie was on in 1973.
  • With her perfect performances and unique style, she has fought in Hollywood for years. Such classic works as Tai Chi Master Zhang Sanfeng and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon make her famous to the public.

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