Shanghai's Five Martial Arts Schools with Most Professional Coaches

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You can not only master real Chinese Kung fu in a limited time but also realize the pleasure of learning Kung fu from an excellent martial arts coach. If you want to learn Chinese Kung fu, are you thinking about the question that where can you find a professional Kung fu coach suitable for you?
  • As the first well-known professional Kung fu Center in Shanghai, Longwu Kung fu Center has gained numerous foreign students’ praise by means of the unique design style, complete supporting facilities and professional coaches. The head of the center Guoliang is the original captain of Shanghai Wushu team. He is also the national champion and national first-grade sportsman. All the other Wushu coaches have gained excellent achievements in Wushu matches. Some coaches have nearly 20 years' teaching experiences.
  • Shanghai Jiading Martial Arts School is located in Jiading district. This school was built according to the architectural style of Ming and Qing Dynasties. Teaching building, apartment, Martial Arts performing building, free combat hall, gymnasium, etc. are all available in this school. Jiading Martial Arts School has a group of older generation Wushu teachers who have great fame in the martial field. In recent years, this school has employed lots of excellent young Wushu coaches. And they have injected fresh vitality into the school.
  • Shanghai Jingwu Sports Training Center is the best place to go for learning Tai Chi Chuan in Shanghai. The Tai Chi master Zhouminde, who has over 30 years’ teaching experience of Tai Chi Chuan, teaches the students authentic Yang tai chi chuan himself. The current training center’s location is the original Jingwu Center founded by patriotic martial artist Huoyuanjia. It has a history of 86 years. There are cane chair and rosewood tea table in the center, which make the center primitive, quiet and elegant.
  • Shanghai Qingpu Martial Arts School has been appointed as the only “Chinese Wushu Association, Shanghai Training Base” by the State Sport General Administration, Sports Management Center. This school has a group of Wushu teachers come from various institutions of higher learning. They have solid Wushu foundation and rich teaching experience. Besides, Qingpu Martial Arts School locates at the center of Qingpu district, Shanghai.
  • Shanghai Songjiang Martial Arts School is the branch school of Beijing Shaolin Martial Arts School. Depending on the strength of Beijing Shaolin Martial Arts School, the branch school has been developed into a modern civil and military school. Songjiang Martial Arts School’s head coach is the president of Beijing Shaolin Martial Arts School. It also has coaches who have medium and senior titles.

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