Most Popular 5 Martial Arts Schools among Young Foreigners in China

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When learning Chinese martial arts in China, it is important for you to choose a right school with comfortable study environment. For young foreigners who want to learn Chinese martial arts, what type of schools are the most suitable?
  • It’ the biggest and most influential martial arts training center in Shanghai. It owns the first-class teaching facilities and energetic coaches. The students can have better communication with the coaches for they are almost in the same age. At the same time, the coaches also can get other knowledge from the students from all over the world.
  • It once was awarded as one of the national famous schools. It owns more than 4000 students from 25 provinces of China and such foreign countries as America, England, and Australia and so on. There are 52 classes that combined the academic knowledge and martial arts from primary school to senior high school. And the school installs with canteen, clinic, laundry and bathroom and so on, therefore, it’s an ideal place for teenagers to learn martial arts.
  • It was founded in 1980 and was the earliest authentic martial arts school. It has attracted around 1000 foreign students in the past 20 years. And it also trains many martial arts stars. You may have an opportunity to join in some TV series which may give you a great enjoyment.
  • With the relationship with Shaolin Temple, it becomes a first choice for foreign martial arts lovers to learn martial arts in China. The classic teaching environment together with authentic teaching contents makes it a charming place for the students all over the world.
  • Founded in 1995, there are 1800 students and about 200 coaches in the school with an area of more than 300 acres. It is the biggest martial arts school in Guangdong Province which was awarded as one of the famous national martial arts schools among more than 10000 schools.

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