Five Martial Arts Schools with Earliest Tai Chi Chuan Courses in China

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Depending on its distinct Wushu philosophy and movements, tai chi chuan has become an immortal legend of Chinese Kung fu. Tai chi chuan course is one of the main courses in numerous Wushu schools. If you want to experience the glamour of tai chi chuan, the following 5 Wushu schools which have many years’ tai chi chuan teaching experiences will be a good choice.
  • Since its foundation in 1977, this college has opened special Shaolin Kung fu class to help the students to learn basic skill, tai chi chuan, long punch, etc. Currently, it has over 6,500 students come from all parts of China. Every year, over 1,100 foreign students come to learn martial arts in this college. At the same time, the “Shaolin Wushu Culture Exhibition Center” of this college has become the only national sports landscape for Shaolin Wushu research, exhibition, training, performance, entertainment, bodybuilding, etc.
  • The Martial Arts School of Jigong Mountain was founded in 1988. Currently, there are over 3,000 students. It mainly teaches the various set patterns of Shaolin wushu, single performance and pair exercise of various weapons and the match set patterns of national regulation. The tai chi chuan course is always being carried on. Depending on the excellent coaches and first-grade teaching facilities, this college has provided professional courses for numerous overseas students.
  • Yuying Martial Arts College was founded in 1991. Depending on its diversified wushu courses, this college has attracted numerous wushu lovers. The wushu special course, free combat course, breathing exercise course, and tai chi chuan course opened by this college are equipped with modern classroom building, large-scale indoor training hall and multifunctional training equipments. And these facilities can guarantee the daily life, wushu training and cultural learning of the students.
  • Wudang Kingwu Academy locates at the foot of the famous holy land of the Taoism- Wudang Mountain. It has opened many kinds of wushu courses since 1993, including famous tai chi chuan course. In this institute, the students can learn the traditional Wudang set patterns, match set patterns, 18 kinds of weapons of traditional wushu and hard qigong performance. Through many years’ development, this institute has already had complete teaching facilities and experienced coaches.
  • Chenjiagou Wushu College locates at the country of martial arts, the cradle of tai chi chuan- Chenjiagou, Wen county of Henan Province. This college is one of the most professional tai chi teaching colleges in China. It was founded in 2001. For the past many years, it has provided professional tai chi training course for students of over 20 countries, including America, British, France, Germany, Italia, Austria, Switzerland, Greece, Holland, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Australia, etc.

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