10 Areas with the Most Martial Arts Schools in China

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Is the Shaolin Temple the only choice if you want to learn martial arts in China? In fact, there are many martial arts schools in China now. You can choose an appropriate one based on your own need. So where are all these martial arts schools?
  • With the relationship with Shaolin Temple, Henan Province has been the first choice for foreigners to learn martial arts in China. There are a lot of international famous martial arts school, for example, Chen jiagou Martial Arts School as well as more than 100 small-sized martial arts schools.
  • It is another place filled with lots of martial arts schools in China. Although they are not as famous as the schools in Henan Province; they foster their own competitive advantages. They develop rapidly in international student enrollment. Altogether, there are about 10 well-known schools in Anhui Province.
  • Similar to Anhui Province, Hebei Province has got large number of martial arts schools. And the principal ones mainly distribute in some counties. Such famous ones as Yuying Martial School attract an amount of foreign martial arts lovers.
  • Songjiang Martial School, one of the most famous martial arts school, is in Shandong Province. With its natural and historic advantages, it’s an ideal place to learn martial arts in Shandong. And most of martial schools gather in some counties of Shandong Province.
  • As one of the earliest province that was open to the outsides, it gradually develops many martial arts schools although they are less than Shandong Province in quantity.
  • It is a big province in the middle of China and owns hundreds of martial arts schools. One of the most famous one is Wudang Martial Arts School which has been the first choice for foreigners to learn martial arts in Hubei Province.
  • As one of the most important provinces in north-eastern China, it has developed a batch of excellent martial arts schools in early time, for example, Siping Shaolin Martial Arts School.
  • As the capital city of China, it also did very well in martial arts training. Although there are only few martial arts schools, more and more training courses are mushrooming quickly in Beijing.
  • Similar to Beijing, there are few martial arts schools here, but it owns several big martial training centers, such as Rulong Martial Arts Center, which make the martial arts lovers, will not consider the schools out of Shanghai.
  • Zhejiang Province is a beautiful place with many famous mountains. Gradually, here develops a batch of excellent martial arts schools. And the amount sees an increase in recent years.

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