Five Commonest Types of Strokes in Chinese Calligraphy

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In learning Chinese calligraphy, strokes are the basic step and also the important step. There are only eight kinds of strokes in Chinese calligraphy, but every character is made of one or more of these strokes.
  • In order to control the strength of this stroke well, you may need to o through three steps. First put your brush on the paper, press down at the start of the stroke. Then lift your brush slightly as you draw it toward the middle of the stroke. At last, press down again at the end of the stroke.
  • The dot is basically triangular in shape. First, lightly touch the brush to the paper, then press down and bring the brush up again. If you have trouble making the last corner of the triangle, draw the brush around it as shown below.
  • This stroke is made from the top right to the lower left. Lift the brush as you pull it to the left so that the stroke will become gradually thinner. Of course, remember to press down at the start of the stroke so that it will begin with a wide top.
  • This stroke is made from the top left to the lower right. Gradually put more pressure on the brush so that the end will be broad. Then, at the very end, lift the tip to make a point.
  • This is simply a vertical stroke with a leftward point on the end. Press down at the start of the stroke, lift at the middle and press down again at the end. Now that you have reached the lowest point of the stroke, lift the brush so that the tip barely touches the paper, press down and gradually lift up to make the tapering end.

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