Top Five Valuable Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Works

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In the long history of China, there are numerous Chinese artists who had left us many perfect works of Chinese calligraphy and painting. If you are interested in Chinese ancient painting, these most valuable works will let you know more about Chinese culture!
  • From "the copy of Huaisu's Goddess Tie", people can see Huizong's high skill of cursive script. The work is Qing collection originally, and the final collector is an ethnic Chinese who lived in the United States. This national treasure finally priced at 128,000,000 Hong Kong dollars after 5-minutes fierce auction, created a world record auction price of Chinese calligraphy and painting works.
  • Ting Shouping is one the "Six Masters of the beginning of the Qing Dynasty", his work "the Copy of Ancient Mountain and River Volume" transacted at 12,320,000 RMB, and this is the highest auction record of Ting's work. But this "Riding Crane" has set a new record once again, it transacted at the price 39,960,000 RMB, hit Ting's highest auction price.
  • As a piece of art cooperated by Qianlong and Dong Bangda, it is a rare art, the paintings first appear in Sotheby's spring auction on 11th, April, and the sale prices is up to 3648.7125 million RMB, and it is 4 times higher than the valuation.
  • Badashanren (Zhu Da) is one of the "4 Monks of the beginning of the Qing Dynasty". With the price and market share's overall uplift, Badashanren's works are the biggest gainers in the ancient calligraphy and painting market. In 2008, this "Heron and Stone" unveiled in BeijingWanlong auction, and transacted at the price 33,000,000 RMB, which is the second highest sale price of individual works.
  • Also in the Guardian, Badashanren's "Chrysanthemum in a Vase" was clinched a deal finally with 31,360,000 RMB, ranking the third place of his deal works over the years. This work had been stamped with the evaluation seal of by a famous Chinese painter and calligrapher Tang Yun and also collected into his several collective drawings.

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