Four Most Famous Art Museums in China

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Chinese calligraphy and painting, as an important part of Chinese culture, has attracted more and more foreigners. And the numerous art museums in China can be regarded as the most proper place for them to enjoy these treasures of Chinese calligraphy and painting.
  • As a national museum dedicated to the collection, research and exhibitions of modern and contemporary artistic works in China, it has fully showed its position as a national art museum and the nature of its establishment. It covers an area of more than 2,000 square meters with 17 exhibition halls from the first floor to the fifth, and it also boasts an exhibition area of 8,300 square meters and a length of 2,110 meters.
  • Located in Overseas Chinese Town (OCT) of Shenzhen, it is mainly engaged in collecting, displaying and studying He Xiangning's works of painting and calligraphy. It is also devoted to sorting, selecting and preserving the historical materials and art works by other artists concerned, organizing exhibitions, and collecting invaluable art works from home and abroad.
  • Established in 1987, it collects more than 3,000 pieces fine arts & crafts wares, including prestigious china traditional arts and crafts of "Jade Carving , Ivory Carving, Cloisonné and Carved Lacquer", also collects some handicrafts "gold filigree inlaid ware, antique porcelain, ancient bronze ware, valued embroidery works, gold lacquer and personality Chinese paintings and calligraphy works.
  • Consisting of twelve indoor exhibition halls covering an area of 8,000 square meters, it hosts nearly sixty exhibitions each year. It hosts a variety of exhibitions from smaller intimate looks at the work of contemporary artists to exhibitions larger in scale such as that of sculptor Henry Moore. Every year, the museum displays a large exhibition of the museum’s permanent collection of sculpture, painting, and ceramic work.

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