Top Five Earliest-founded Studios in Shanghai

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Learning painting and calligraphy in China, numerous art training schools are not your only choice. Some famous studios which have quiet environment and centralized directions can also help you to learn the painting and calligraphy skills. What famous studios does Shanghai have?
  • Xinxue Studio was founded in 1994. Now, it has become one of the most professional studios in Shanghai and has great reputation. The teachers of this studio have many years’ art teaching experience. Some of them come from famous fine arts academy, such as Central Academy of Fine Arts, Capital Normal University, etc. In order to provide the students a good learning environment, this studio also provides room and board service.
  • Fengzi Studio was founded in 1996. It began to specialize in professional art education. It is one of the earliest studios engage in the fine arts training in Shanghai. Depending on the solid professional skills, rich teaching experience and good reputation, Fengzi Studio has got supports and favors of successive students. At the same time, the students of the studio come from all parts of China and even foreign countries, such as France, Australia, Sweden, Korea, etc.
  • Deyi Studio has been founded 8 years ago. It is a professional art training institution in Shanghai. It offers adult art training courses in the entire year. This studio has strong teaching force. All the teachers graduate from China Academy of Art and have rich teaching experiences. Besides, all the teachers have unique teaching philosophy and precise teaching attitudes. They can arrange the content of courses flexibly according to the characteristics of the students. This studio advocates the scientific learning method to promote the professional skills of the students.
  • Dann Fo Fine Arts was founded in 2004. It is one of the most influential studios in Shanghai. All the courses are taught by the teachers graduate from China Academy of Arts. It offers adult fine arts training courses and Children fine arts training all the year round. The distinct Dann Fo teaching model and the guaranteed quality of teaching can help the students to grasp the painting skills in the shortest time.
  • Guomeizhi Studio is a professional fine arts training institution founded in recent years in Shanghai. It locates at the Zhangjiang hi-tech park, Pudong district of Shanghai. It takes full advantage of the predominant location and social environment. Based on the people-oriented principle, this studio teaches according to the student’s ability. It devotes itself to training art talents in accordance with the requirements of national key art academies. The main courses of this studio include adult painting and calligraphy training courses and children fine arts courses, etc.

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