Four Most Professional Chinese Painting Training Schools in Hangzhou

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Learning Chinese brush drawing in the beautiful scenery of Hangzhou is absolutely a good enjoyment. If you want to learn Chinese brush drawing in Hangzhou, the following 4 painting and calligraphy training classes will be a good choice.
  • This studio is a professional painting and calligraphy training institution which can provide foreigner with painting and calligraphy training. It has strong teaching force and complete teaching system. All the teachers come from China Academy of Art. The training courses include landscape, birds and flowers, characters, calligraphy, etc. And there are different class types, such as painting and calligraphy interest-oriented class, advanced class, special course and Children class.
  • Chengyi Painting and Calligraphy Training School is a teaching institution found with the approval of the Xiaoshan bureau of education. This school is mainly for painting and calligraphy art training. It has excellent learning environment, advanced teaching facilities and a number of energetic and experienced teachers. The Chinese brush drawing training class of this school starts with the basis of the students.
  • This studio is one of the few professional painting and calligraphy training studios in Hangzhou. It has strong teaching resources and flexible class mode. The students can study at any time. For the past many years, it has provided professional training for many painting and calligraphy lovers in Hangzhou. This studio emphasizes particularly on the study and consolidation of the basic knowledge of Chinese brush drawing. By doing this, it can help the students to lay foundations for their future study.
  • This studio has professional teachers to provide the students with target-oriented training courses. The traditional Chinese painting training class is taught by the teachers who have many years teaching and research experiences. They can help the students to grasp the distillation of the Chinese brush drawing in a short time. For the past many years, this studio has great influence in other districts. And it is well received by students.

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