Four Largest Embroidery Workshops in China

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In China, embroidery fully shows the wisdom of work people in ancient times. The seamless stitch, delicate pattern and elegant artistic conception make it a first-class art in China. Which embroidery factory on earth is well-known in China?
  • Xiuniu Embroidery Workshop, founded in 1996 by Hunan artist Liu Jianxin, has been very famous for its high quality Huan Embroidery, excellent production team, premises and automatic import and export operation right. At the same time, its professional staffs provide large variety of embroideries for different customers.
  • Established in 1992, it locates in Zhenghu Town Suzhou which is a famous cradle of embroidery. Most of its products are sold in America, Canada, England, France, Southeast Asia and Hong kong with great reputation. At the present, it owns more than 10 embroidery masters and 500 workshops to fulfill the orders.
  • It is a comprehensive company that integrates researching, development, manufacturing, and selling as the member of the National Embroidery Association. Several works are shown in the National Embroidery Arts Exhibition. With more than 30 years’ experience, it gains great reputation from its entire customer.
  • It’s a time-honored embroidery workshop which originates from Qing Dynasty. With the development of society, it engages in manufacturing, exhibition, auction and present designing with respect to its corporation value. After many years’ efforts, it has been the largest embroidery workshop in Chengdu.

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