Four Arts Schools with Most Chinese Painting Courses in Shanghai

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Traditional Chinese Painting, one of the Chinese traditional cultural heritages, has attracted lots of foreigners’ attention. Meanwhile, art training schools in China are pretty good choices for foreigners to learn traditional Chinese Painting. And if you plan to learn it in Shanghai, why not try the following 5 training schools with the largest variety of courses in Shanghai?
  • It is the most professional art school for traditional Chinese painting in Shanghai. Located in the core area of commercial circle Zhongshan Park, it owns many first-class teachers and a full set of rigorous teaching models. The school has launched elementary courses for flower and bird, intermediate level courses for flower and bird, elementary courses for mountain and water and comprehensive strengthening courses to meet the different needs.
  • Based on the teaching practices for many years, 021 Arts Training Center concludes its special “target teaching” method which means to make different teaching plan according to diverse situations of each student. Targeted on white-collar workers and foreign learners who want to improve their level on Chinese painting, the center has prepared a series of training courses with flexible time arrangement for all its students.
  • Shanghai RGB Art training center originated from Xiangshan 352 Design Studio that established by China Academy of Art in 2002. Most of the teachers are from China Academy of Art with rich teaching methods and experience for many years. There are 15 classes that involve flower and bird painting, figure painting and so on which can match with different needs for the students at different levels.
  • It is an authentic art training school with 12 years history that was established with the authorization of Shanghai Education Commission. The school locates in Luwan District of Shanghai with convenient transportation and firm teaching strength. The school provides such courses as elementary course, intermediate level course and professional level course that can largely meet different needs of all its students.

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