Five Cooking Schools with the Most Professional Chinese Pasty Training Courses in Shanghai

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Chinese cuisine culture has a long history and is a profundity for its variety since ancient time. Therefore, you may have a new understanding about Chinese cuisine culture if you stay in China. Providing you would like learn Chinese pasty in Shanghai, the following five cooking schools with the most professional pasty training courses will give you a large space to make a choice.
  • The Chinese pasty training center, located on the first floor of school, owns first-class equipments and professional teachers. Meanwhile, it adopts the design of round-theaters in order to make every student can clearly see each action of the teacher. Additionally, regular equipments and management create a good learning atmosphere for all its students.
  • Shanghai Gao Yi Vocational Skills Training School is the earliest professional chief training school in Shanghai. And Chinese pasty training, as one of their courses, focuses on the basic skills, the use of usual equipments and basic operation skills to make its students sufficiently understand Chinese pasty for a better effect.
  • Founded in 1981, Shanghai cuisine advanced training school focuses on chief training and pasty cook. And it has trained more than 20 thousand chiefs and pasties at different level. Furthermore, the school recruits many professional pasty cook in order to create a professional learning environment. Consequentially, it has been awarded for many times during its development.
  • Shanghai Melongzhen Catering School attaches to Shanghai Tongchuan Education Group, and sets up about 20 Chinese cuisine training courses including 3 Chinese pasty courses. It integrates the theories and practical skills together to facilitate the comprehension of the whole process according to the level of different students.
  • Shanghai Pudong International Training Center, which was established under the direction of the Government of Pudong District and Labor and Social Security Bureau of the area, has cooperated with related vocational training institutes to widen its courses. Its clean classrooms and new equipment promote much more progress of its students during their learning process.

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