Beijing’s Five Arts Schools with the Best Calligraphy Courses

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Calligraphy, one of the Chinese great heritages, has attracted more and more foreigners’ interest. Painting and calligraphy training schools in China are a wise choice for you to learn calligraphy. However, which professional training schools in Beijing can provide you with authentic calligraphy training courses?
  • Beijing Calligraphy Training School, a new calligraphy training institute in China, creates various opportunities to make improvements for members of the National Association of Chinese calligraphy, calligraphy teacher and all ages’ calligraphy lovers. At the same time, in its full-time and part-time training models, you can make great achievements and appreciate the greatness of Chinese calligraphy.
  • Standing by the side of the Palace Museum and Tian’anmen Square, Beijing Dong Fang Shen Zhou Painting and Calligraphy Training School has trained lots of excellent international elites. The teaching group is made of experienced teachers and graduate students from Central Academy of Art which will give free lecture regularly. Furthermore, its students are taught in small classes based on different requirements and learning stages in that they can better understand the Chinese calligraphy.
  • As a comprehensive training school, Beijing Momei Culture and Art Center has pen calligraphy courses and brush calligraphy courses. It tailors the content and level to the actual stages of each student and pays special attention to ability to enjoy the calligraphy, skills and unit of senses. In addition, many advanced modern multiple-media teaching facilities have been installed in the classroom to facilitate the effectiveness of learning calligraphy.
  • Founded by famous calligrapher Zhu Chunhui with approval of Dongcheng Branch of Beijing Administration Bureau for Industry and Commerce, it is a professional calligraphy training institute which targets on those who want to make improvements on their calligraphy. During the past 10 years exploration and practice, it has successfully provided effective services for all its students.
  • It is a high-grade art training institute founded in 2004 with the support of a university. During the past 5 years since it established, millions of money has been invested in the construction of teaching environment and facilities in total. The stone inscription art gallery, paintings and calligraphy of famous person and works from excellent teachers make it a fabulous place to learn calligraphy. The more important thing is that all its teachers are from different university with great achievements.

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