Top Five Most Famous Visa Service Companies in Shanghai

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As one of the largest cities in China, Shanghai has attracted more and more foreigners to work and live it, and it is also able to offer the best service for the foreigners in it, such as the visa service.
  • As a leading visa service company in Shanghai, it is not only famous for its service quality, but also famous for its competitive processing fee. With a wide range of customers group, it is good at providing various service and professional business advice for business growth in China.
  • During its four years' visa service for foreigners, it has won great reputation for its professional advices and reliable service in visa and reasonable price. With a wide range of service, it tries its best to consider every detail for its customers and offers favorable awards for its old and new customers.
  • Having been established for 6 years, it has a professional work team with 6 years official visa applications experience. Offering courteous VISA service to private foreigners and staff of business organizations, its visa services is very wide.
  • Having attracted numerous customers for its visa service, it is an online passport visa extension service for foreigners living in China. Being good at providing a comprehensive service which covering each type of visa, it has become a good adviser for foreign friends.
  • Being regarded as the China Expatriate Center, it specialize in various services, including China visa, China driving license and other foreigners related services. In addition to its effective response to customers’ visa needs, it offers a very professional service in all kinds of visa.

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