3 Visa Service Companies Rich in Cases in Shanghai

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Visa service companies are supposed to provide clients with rapid and professional visa service. More cases they have settled, more authority they get. If you have visa problems, take the following Shanghai’s visa service companies which have settled many cases for reference.
  • JDL Corporate Visa Services provide various Chinese visa, Government invitation letter and immigration supporting services to assist your business growth in China. JDL's customers range from businessman, companies to individual visiting China. It provides personalize advice and assistance to extend their visa and facilitate their stay and entry into China. These countries include Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Africa, India, Europe Nation, United States and Middle East countries.
  • With more than 4 years experience in expatriate services, EMOO.NET has developed strong expertise in Chinese visa renewal. The consultant team will communicate with Chinese employers, foreign nationals and their overseas organizations, advising them on the multi-faceted visa application process.
  • Meshing Consultancy Services Co., Ltd is a specialized VISA-Operation agency certified by the Chinese business bureau. It offers courteous VISA service to private foreigners and staff of business organizations. After 7 years of operations, it is familiar with the application procedures and the applicable domestic law.

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