Top 10 Gyms of China Universities

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Gyms of China Univer
10 Gyms of China Universities
  • It has most luxury indoor gym among all the universities in Wuhan, lots of large-scale activities in Wuhan are held here. It looks like a flying saucer if seen from far, grand and magnificent! Well, the Interior of the gym is also the most luxury compared with other universities’ in Wuhan.

  • The gym covers floor area of 15,000 square meters, the total area of structure reaches 37,000 square meters (including swimming poor of 9,300 square meters). Beside the competition hall, the gym also sets up functional halls such as swimming hall, fitness equipment, table tennis, badminton, billiards, basketball and volleyball halls, calisthenics halls, dance halls, Yoga halls, rolling skating halls and so on, the gym can accommodates 5000 audiences, it is now largest and of most functions comprehensive gym. Great! Students of Northeast Forestry University will have warm winter doing exercise indoor.

  • Everybody says that Dalian is beautiful, the seashore, the square, but they missed gym of Dalian University of Technology, the most beautiful gym among all of universities’ in Dalian. It is no wonder that it a so beautiful as Dalian University of Technology enjoys a good reputation. You should, if there is a chance to go, see what a great job that people in Dalian have done.

  • The Century Gym to be completed will be the largest multi-functional gym so far in China, as well as it is the individual projects that China’s invests the most. So it is why the gym is called “Century Gym”.  Now you know how great it is even without visit. This multi-functional gym is a comprehensive gym integrating physical education, group activities, sports games, artistic education, large-scale party, theatrical performances, etc.

  • The gym adapts iron-mixed structure, and covers an area of 4,768 square meters, it has a basketball playground. The red tapered structure on top connects to the body of second floor with four stair passageways, looks like forever shinning torch, which comprehensively highlights the gym’s feature. The gym is a modern architecture of unique style.

  • Zhengzhou, capital city of Henan, China, is developing dramatically fast in recent years, especially the development of Zhengzhou University, the Henan citizens’ own university, an amazingly fast. Years ago, the gym of this university was a little red house, while now it becomes the most luxury one among all the ones’ in Henan. One netizen said “We Henan people will earn our own place in the world in field of culture and sport! Look, the Gym proves that it begins”

  • Gym of University of Science and Technology Beijing will undertakes to the holding of Judo and Taekwondo events of the 29th Olympic Games, it is established in campus of No. 30 Xueyuan Road, Haidian District, University of Science and Technology, right on main axis of the camps. The gym is closely next to central road of North Fourth Ring Road, it is of convenient transportation

  • The gym has Fitness equipment, Table tennis, badminton, billiards, basketball and volleyball, dance, aekwondo, Yogo, rolling skating and so on from soup to nuts, as well as the hottest CUBA 

  • Optical Valley Gym is located to the southeast of the main campus of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, and lies in hinderland of developmental district of Optical Valley and, is next to Luoyu Road, the main stem of Wuchang District, Wuhan. The gym covers an area of 26,758 square meters. The grand and great buildings are southeastern appearance of the university, and add Huazhong University of Science and Technology splendid scenery. The gym is a huge public activity place in which the automatic alarming system and response system are set up all around, the rooms paths, garages are equipped with smart smoking and heat sensor and, competition hall and training hall set up laser air sampling automatic exhaust type smoke alarm system. Inside the gym, there are background music broadcasting system which contains event broadcast, event advertising, sport business broadcast, entertainment broadcast and so on, once a fair happens, it will forcibly switch to fire emergency broadcast.

  • The gym lies in western campus of Fengtai District, Capital University of Economics and Business, it is a large comprehensive gym with an overall using areas of 10,000 square meters. Inside the gym, there are standardized swimming poor, basketball house, badminton hall, table tennis center, billiards center and fitness center, dancing classrooms and so on various sport areas that meet every of your demand for physical exercises, and can undertake all kinds of large-scale activities and sports events.

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