Ten Most Popular Universities for International Students in Beijing

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As the capital of China, Beijing has become the major city for foreigners to live and work in China. And Beijing is also famous for a large group of universities it owns. Then what are the most popular universities for international students in Beijing?
  • As a famous university in China, it enjoys a high reputation in the world. In 2004, there were over 4000 international students from about 80 countries, including 1825 long-term students and approximately 2,600 short-term students who are studying in it.
  • As one of the most famous universities in China, it is located in the northwestern suburbs of Beijing. In 2007, over 2,200 international students are enrolled in it. They are from 85 countries and majored in science and technology, humanities, economics, management, law, arts and other areas.
  • Founded in 1902, it has fostered more than 10,000 international students from over 50 countries. Now it has more than 1,500 long-term international students. Began to accept students from abroad in 1965, Over the years, it has accumulated rich experience with the Chinese language program and major-related courses for international students.
  • It is the exchange center in law between the universities in China and the rest of the world. Since China’s reform and opening up, it has established exchange and cooperative ties with over 70 universities from 20 countries and regions. It is currently home to over 750 overseas students from 18 countries and regions.
  • In China, it is famous for its high ratio of postgraduates to undergraduates. At this university, there is a collective enrolment of 30,000 Chinese students engaged in online learning, and there are about 1,066 international students.
  • It is qualified to admit foreign students sponsored by Chinese Government Scholarship and accepts over 500 short and long-term foreign students from more than 20 countries annually.
  • Founded in Yan'an in 1940, it has enrolled several thousands international students from 36 countries. Presently the number of foreign students studying for bachelor, Master and doctoral degree has reached more than 60% of the total.
  • There are nearly 19,000 full-time students, including about 14,000 undergraduate students, 5,000 graduate students and 150 overseas students. It has been famous for its strong faculty.
  • Beijing University of Chemical Technology attaches great importance to international inter-university academic exchange and cooperation. It has signed agreement with more than 20 universities in 12 countries and regions.
  • Being made up of 9 schools, it provides 39 undergraduate programs, 65 master programs, 26 doctoral programs and 7 postdoctoral researches for the students. And the total enrollment of over 14,000 full time students includes 9,661 undergraduates, 3,080 master candidates, 1140 doctoral candidates and 81 international students.

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