Top Five Most Useful Skills for Choosing a Translation Company in China

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Do you feel at a loss how to choose a translation company in China? No matter how urgent you are for translation service, you’d better learn something about China’s translation companies in advance in order to avoid probable troubles.
  • The website of a translation company is a window of external display and exchange, so that of a good translation company must be attractive. You should first check the company’s contact information, for a regular company would leave its office telephone and fax on the website; second, check if the website has enough information, for a translation company which really focuses on customer needs would fill it website with rich information and detailed introduction.
  • At present, most translation companies list their clients they once cooperated with on the website and show some translation samples in public as a reference for customers. You can take these samples to professional person to value its quality.
  • If you have no objection to the price and delivery time, you can test the company by making a passage translation. You will see whether the company meets your needs from the test. This cannot be a fixed criterion, as the company may select the most professional staff to do the test. Just for reference!
  • Currently in China’s translation market, many companies provide a favorable price. Objectively speaking, translation is relatively hard brainwork, which needs strong language ability, so a professional translation company won’t attract people by low price but high quality translation service and professional after service. It is noteworthy that you can test a translation company’s strength through tentative cooperation. Maybe you have tried all the skills listed above to get to know a company, but the most practical skill finally lies in your first tentative cooperation.

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