Ten Translation Companies with the Most Professional Escort Interpretation Service in Beijing

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The professional escort interp
  • The interpreters of this company have rich conference experiences. All the interpreters have been chosen carefully and strictly. The overseas returnees cover 40% of the whole interpreters. They have good language habits and standards to fully control the languages.
  • All the interpreters of this company have the overseas experiences. So they know the cultural background and commercial customs of the target language countries. Besides, the company provides professional and systematic interpretation training for the interpreters.
  • Since its foundation, this company has begun to provide various simultaneous and consecutive interpretation services for international conference, large-scale training, news release conference, on-site technical exchange, etc. The service languages include English, French, Japanese, Korean, German, Russian, Spanish, etc.
  • This company can recommend the most suitable interpreters according to the customers’ needs. All the interpreters’ language abilities have been examined and tested strictly. And they have at least 3 years’ interpretation experiences and relevant teaching background.
  • This company undertakes various escort interpretation services of various commercial negotiations, exhibitions, large and medium size international conferences, etc. The company has dozens of experienced escort interpreters to provide the escort interpretation services of international conferences.
  • The interpretation advantage of this company is that it has rich experiences and high-quality employees. For the past five years, it has provided over 130 foreign and domestic leaders with high-end translation services. And it has also provided over 200 large-scale activities’ interpretation services.
  • This company can provide the interpretation services of various commercial negotiations, exhibitions and lectures. It admits and abides the AIIC and TAALS. Every specific task should be done after the discussion of the company and the customers.
  • Since its foundation in 1994, it was aiming to contribute to the international society. The interpretation service of this company is quite superior. For the past many years, it has provided interpretation services for over 300 large-scale activities.
  • Global Bridge Co., Ltd was founded in 2000. Through nearly 10 years’ development, this company has gathered a number of excellent interpreters. Most of them have many years’ interpretation service experience. Besides, they can freely deal with various industries’ interpretations.
  • Founded in recent years, it has been developed into an excellent team of cross-cultural communication. It has attracted numerous experienced foreign language experts with its modernized and humanized management mode. And they can provide all kinds of interpretation services.

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