Ten Shanghai Translation Companies with Best Written Translation Service

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As China's famous international metropolis, Shanghai is one of the first cities for many natural foreign enterprise and business to invest and do business negotiation. How to solve the business activities of the materials involved in professional translation? According to various enterprises and translation service team, we selected 10 strongest translation companies.
  • With a group of personnel from China, Shanghai Foreign Languages University, senior translation institute, institute of industries and the high qualification, translation talents, the company has nearly 100 core translation team focused on economic and trade finance, pharmaceutical and chemical industry, energy and telecommunications IT, building, automobile industry, machinery and so on. And it won wide praise from customers at home and abroad.
  • The company has many professionals, providing professional translation service on computer software and hardware, telecommunications, machinery, electronics, automobile, trade, finance, management, energy and power, law, medicine, chemical industry, aviation, building. They can use all sorts of application software, and work in a variety of document formats.
  • With nearly 10 years of experience in translation, the company has a perfect translation service system and quality control process. Besides, it also provides personalized service project solution. What’s more, it owns professional translation service team and management team, especially does well in technical document translation.
  • As a professional translation of Shanghai high-end, the company focuses on technical document translation, market, and financial legal translation document translation. The number of small language interpreters adds up to 3000, handling English, Japanese, Korean, Russian, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, nearly 80 multilingual translation works.
  • Shanghai Yiya translation Co., LTD offers nearly 60 multilingual translation services, involving in the law, finance, medicine, IT, the computer, the cultural art, etc. For many years it has been providing countless professional fast and convenient services for related Shanghai government department, research institutions, and social organizations, etc.
  • Founded in 2000, and with its professional translation service, ShenTang Translation owns nearly 500 regular customers and provides English, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Italian, Spain more than 30 translations involving in machinery, electrical, medicine, law, IT, electronic, games, chemical, construction, textile and other communications, dozen industries.
  • As a young translation company in Shanghai, the company holds the , and focuses on English, Japanese, German, French, Spanish and Portuguese and other languages translation involving in finance, information technology, medicine, publicity, architecture, industry and commerce administration.
  • As a professional translation and translation services, the company mainly deals with technical translation. Basing on GB/T19002-1994-iso9002 IDT ISO 9002 standards, the company operates total quality management system, working process and quality control standard. With the perfect quality management system, it ensures the consistency of the original, guarantee translation or localized service quality and efficiency.
  • Professional translation team ensures the high quality and the latest version of the application server technology Trados ensures glossary consistency. At present, huitong provides 50 global language translation services and especially does well in cars, finance, law, information technology, software localization, business contract, bidding documents, insurance, building engineering translation.
  • As a professional translation company of Shanghai, and after years of accumulation, Shanghai Yibai Translation Company has become a famous enterprises and listed companies of translation supplier. Translations spread into IT, machinery, automobiles, chemical and electronic fields, and has established a good image in Shanghai Translation Companies.

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