Ten Most Professional Translation Companies Offering Interpretation Service in Beijing

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Along with the development of the integration of the world economy, China has increasingly become the center of international activities; therefore, the interpretation service has become one of the translation services for foreign enterprises or businessmen.
  • The interpreters working in the company all have worked or lived abroad and they have got in-depth understanding of the target language culture background, business, and habits, etc. Meanwhile, they have ever received professional training system, and mastered well the translation technology and skills in negotiation meeting visit, cultural exchanges, training, lectures, press releases, products release, etc.
  • Interpreters in Chinaebridge all have rich translation of meeting experience, of which overseas workers account for 40% of the total interpreters, with good language habits, level, and fully control of the translation and industry term. Besides, they can do business conference interpretation, exhibition site interpretation, project installation site translation, etc.
  • Since its establishment, the interpretation team has been working for the government agencies, foreign consulates, multinational companies, joint ventures, domestic large enterprises and publishing house. And they have provided hundreds of interpreting services for customers to solve many professional problems. They are particularly good at business meetings translation, exhibition translation and being foreign language tour guides.
  • As one of the largest translation company of China, Xinhua Translation Service has a batch of experienced, highly educated translators and interpreters, of which 90% of the personnel team own master degree. Their good foreign language and serious attitude have helped achieved numerous achievements in interpreting services for large projects, large project at home and abroad.
  • Since the establishment, it has provided consecutive and simultaneous interpretation for international conference, large training, news conference, senior business talks, foreign leaders and delegation, on-site technical exchanges. Years of development enables the company to have lots of interpreters, including business interpreters, UN certification authentication interpreter, and AIIC authentication interpreter.
  • As one of the famous professional providers of interpretation of Beijing, the company gathers 100 senior experts from 51 countries and regions such as China, America, Russia, Japan, France, Germany, and South Korea. Besides, it is equipped with two sets of global most advanced digital infrared simultaneous interpretation equipment and 2,000 infrared receiving headphones to provide professional simultaneous interpretation equipment rental service.
  • Owning a wealth of experienced personnel, the company has provided high-end translation service for leadership visit for over 130 times in 5 years. Each interpreter is carefully and strictly selected, of which many have experienced conferences, 40 percent are from overseas interpreters.
  • Owning a batch of experienced foreign experts, the company has gradually cooperated with more than 800 experts, professors, linguists, engineers from America, Britain, Germany, France and so on more than 20 countries. They even provide translation service for foreign leaders visiting China including large meetings, business negotiations, press releases and technical exchanges, commodities fair, performance, etc.
  • All interpreters sent out have language and industry professional degrees. Because of Interpreters well mastering of language habits and terms, they can accurately master to interpret in press releases, general business activities, business negotiation, technical communication, translation, simultaneous interpretation.
  • Interpreters in the company are made up of experts, professors, senior engineer from the Chinese academy of social sciences, Chinese academy of sciences and the ministry of information industry. They provide professional interpretation service for business negotiations, various exhibitions, lectures. The cooperation with more than 200 experienced professional simultaneous translators, oral English translators of alternating improves interpretation service quality.

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