Five Translation Companies with Best Document Translation in Nanjing

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About the Ranking
In the services of the document’s translation, the following 5 translation companies are especially excellent.
  • Nanjing Merritone Translation & Interpretation Service has gathered experienced translators, translation examinant and people returned from overseas from all parts of China. They adopt the internet to realize the modern translation and edition workflow. They are incomparable in the translation of Chinese and foreign laws and regulations, international treaties, WTO rules, the contract agreement, government documents, litigation documents, legal papers, legal monographs, notarization materials, IPO series data, the reorganization of the joint venture documents, bidding books, industry standards, the company's charter, an affidavit, power of attorney, and other types of invitations translation
  • LocaTran Translations Ltd is a high-end professional translation agency. It specializes in the services of technical documentation translation, market document translation, financial law translation, translation of contract tenders, medical document translation, translation of patent documents, bidding document translation, audio-visual file translation, etc. Currently, LocaTran Translations Ltd has professional translators, translation examinant, type-setting engineers and item managers. The total number of the employees is 50. The number of the outsourcing small languages' translators reaches over 3000. They can solve about 80 languages’ translation work. Such as English, Japanese, Korean, Russian, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, etc.
  • Oriental Translation Service is a professional translation localization firm which provides the global customers with many kinds of languages’ solutions. It also has branch agencies in Shanghai, Suzhou, Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Oriental Translation Service engages in the services of engineering and technical translation, software localization, website localization, interpreting and various languages’ desktop publishing. It is especially good at the translation of finance, law, energy and patent. Oriental Translation Service has over 300 full time and part time translators. 60% of them have master's degrees or above.
  • In Nanjing Maxword Translation, all the main employees of business department and translation department have over 10 years’ translation experiences. Nanjing Maxword Translation has always been the translation services provider of government agencies, foreign multinational companies, construction units, engineering and technology research institutes, design institutes, international organizations and publishing houses and other units. It has great advantage in the translations of many industries. Such as the Mechanical, electronic, biological, chemical, energy, computer networks, home appliances, construction, metallurgy, military, software, textile industries.
  • Nanjing E-lin Translation Co., Ltd is made up of a group of language talents who have experienced translation experience or translation management experience. Currently, it has over 500 various full-time or part-time translators. Depending on the professional team, considerable strength, canonical operation workflow and strict quality-control system, E-lin Translation has already provided excellent translation services for many enterprises and public institutions. The company’s translation services include various types of data translation, contracts translation, large-scale engineering and technical translation, translation of the bidding documents, patent translation, equipment installation and use of manuals’ translation.

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