Five Most Influential Translation Companies in Wuhan

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About the Ranking
As one of the most important cities in central China, Wuhan gradually attracts the attention of many tourists and foreign investors. With a long history and rich culture, unique humanistic atmosphere, Wuhan Translation Companies develop very fast.
  • Founded in September 2003, Wuhan JCO Translation Co., Ltd employs more than 60 full-time or part-time people. It has provided related service for famous enterprises of Wuhan such as Wisco Group, Donghu High-tech Development Zone, Wuhan Economic Development Zone involving in translation of steel, metallurgy, construction, IT, website, electronics, machinery, etc. The translators mainly come from famous universities and research institutes. Wuhan JCO Translation Co., Ltd undertakes translation of British, French, Japanese, Russian, German, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, Finnish, Polish, Hungarian, more than 30 languages between Chinese, and different forms of mutual translation of Chinese business.
  • Wuhan Oriental Century Translation Co., LTD. was founded as the institution of higher learning foreign languages institute with the support of Wuhan University, Hubei University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology and other foreign language service agencies. Service includes English, Japanese, French, German and other languages. For 4 years, Wuhan Oriental Century Oral English Base has trained a large number of outstanding talents for interpreting teams and foreign enterprises. The agency has senior professional titles, good mastering and experienced team, who provide professional foreign translation on foreign trade, investment, international conference, exhibition, international economic contract, and advertising.
  • Wuhan Dayang Translation Co., LTD has many translation experts, foreigners, overseas returned personnel, research institutes of professional translators and translators who have much experience. Currently it is the most famous large translation organization of Central China. Till now, it has provided good translation for government agencies, the embassies, economic &commercial section and the global multinational company, and it also established long-term cooperative relations with many famous companies. Wuhan Dayang Translation Co., LTD can offer written and oral translation in English, Japanese, Korean, Russian, German, French, etc, more than 30 kinds of language translation.
  • Located in the beautiful scenery of the Wuhan University campuses, the company is founded by two overseas scholars as a professional translation agency. With cooperation with national key university and translators association, the company owns a large group of regular foreign language translation, and has professors, industry experts, foreign experts, study and research institutes’ elite professional translators. It also established partnership with the United States, Canada, Switzerland and other countries of the translation organization and can undertake various translation service in different fields and different countries, different time zones, involving in two-way communication and information translation between Chinese, English, Japanese, German, Russian, Korean, and more than 20 languages.
  • Established by a lot of experts and scholars with overseas study and working experience, after years of development, Wuhan ZuoAnhe Translation Service Co., LTD has grown into a cross-cultural communication professional translation company. Having the excellent interpreter team, the company can satisfy needs of customers on different industries, different languages, and different levels of business requirements. It can provide standardized, professional and comprehensive translation service for multinational companies, enterprises, institutions, social organizations and individuals.

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