Five Most Excellent Translation Companies for Simultaneous Interpretation Service in Guangzhou

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About the Ranking
As one of the most important commercial cities in coastal areas of China, Guangzhou is also the host city for several international conferences. As a result, the simultaneous interpretation becomes one of the most common translation services in Guangzhou.
  • As one of the traditional dominant services of Konlee Translation Co., Ltd., simultaneous interpretation has received many honors from the customers at home or abroad. The simultaneous translators of Konlee are professional both at specialized knowledge and rich experiences. The combination and cooperation with the world’s leading simultaneous translator Mr. Fan has made it reach higher in several important conferences. Konlee Company has rich experiences and advantages over interpretation, and it has offered interpretation services for some foreign leaders who visited China successfully. Besides, many large meetings, business negotiations, news release conferences, technical exchanges, trade fairs and performances show the main advantages of Konlee.
  • Neoera Translation Company possesses many kinds of interpreters, so it can offer varied-language interpretations in any kinds of professional areas. In addition, the experienced simultaneous interpreters are able to serve simultaneous interpretation and alternative interpretation, including several conferences, exhibitions, news release conferences, and court proceedings with different sizes. With years old development, Neoera has established a rather perfect translation talents network. It does not only own many professional interpreters majored in every walk of life, Neoera has been also chosen as the most trusted translation institution in South China Region for the past two years.
  • Learned Translation Company is such a professional translation institution founded by the senior lecture of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies. The company is divided into many departments, as Business English Department, Scientific English Department, Japanese Department, European Language Department and Rare Foreign Language Department. The Professional translation rank is made up by college teachers, graduate English major students and returned scholars. It serves more than 30 languages translation, involving English, Japanese, French, German, Russian, Korean, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Thai, Vietnamese, Arabic and any other languages.
  • As a professional institution serving for world’s language translation, especially the simultaneous interpretation, the Supertranslation Company serves interpretation services of over 30 languages, such as English, Japanese, French, German, Russian, Korean, Spanish, Italian and Arabic, though its size isn’t so large. The client network has covered nearly every work of life. In Guangzhou, the Supertranslation has been become the mark of localized translation institution. The elite rank, which is made up by more than 300 professional translators, has been awarding social appreciation in the past several years.
  • Guangzhou Weisu Translation Co., Ltd. owns an excellent transition rank which made up of by a supply of doctors, masters, bachelors and abroad scholars. 70% of the major interpreters have rich experience in big conferences field working; they can certainly response to this kind of activities. The company relies on the quality control system and regular operation procedure. Till now, it has stashed good partnership with some government institutions, transnational corporations, joint ventures, large state-owned enterprises, investment tenders, book and audio-visual publishing houses, auditing and accounting industries, informative and technical industries, and import and export enterprises.

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