Top 8 Most Famous Shopping Centers in Shanghai

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Shanghai is an international metropolis as well as a heaven of shopping. There are the many famous shopping centers. If you want to go shopping, don't forget the following centers.
  • Known as "China's No.1 Business Street", with over 100 old name specialized shops, No.1 Department Store of Shanghai is located here, selling general merchandise. It is the most famous shopping center in Shanghai.
  • Selling mainly high and medium class goods, many specialized shops and boutiques for famous brands, popular for garments and foot wears unparticular. It is suitable for people who pursue fashion.
  • Selling large assortment of daily necessities mainly made in China, price range fit for wage earners with strong sense of good value for money. You can find what you want there with competitive price.
  • Known as "Kingdom of Shanghai Arts & Crafts and small Articles”, selling articles ranging from antiques, jade ware, gold & silverware, jewelry, to bottle caps, silk threads etc, Yuyuan Commercial City is a good place for shopping lovers.
  • Selling products at all price levels, shops, restaurants, amusement parks, offices and apartments can be found there. You can go there with your friends and relatives and enjoy the interesting of shopping.
  • Located in the New Century Tower, "First Shanghai Yaohan" is the largest department store in Asia. Another major department store, "NewShanghai" occupies floor space twice as big as the total floor space of all shops on Nanjing Road.
  • It procides tourist souvenirs, arts & crafts, native produce, daily necessities, coins, stamps, discs etc. it is a combination of shopping and tours with business, known as "The Pearl at Shanghai Land Entrance Gate".
  • It is a place to sell second-hand porcelains, precious metals & stones, various folk cultural relics. If you are an antique lover and interested in the traditional Chinese culture, it is a good choice.

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