Top 10 Shanghai Special Shops

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You have visited all the scenery resorts in Shanghai, the next station is going shopping. There are many special shops in shanghai, and you can find surprise if you come to the following shops.
  • Retro-Cultural-Revolution chic casual wear. Raised fists and red stars dominate. No bargaining but you might get a free giftie if you buy several items.
  • The Miao tribe is famous for their intricate embroidery and hand-crafted silver ornaments that decorate their traditional dress – clothing that may take a woman many years to complete.
  • A perfect spot to pick up last minute gifts, Shanghai Trio's designs use traditional cotton and silk fabrics for the modern need such as a cell-phone case or jewelry bag. There's also an adorable line of children’s things and funky jewelry.
  • The boys head across to Three on the Bund for a beer and the girls fall in love with several pairs of gorgeous silk slippers embroidered with whimsical Chinese motifs.
  • A truly unique break from the warehouses of old (not antique) Chinese furniture, No. D offers art-deco as well as Chinese style furniture and a grand collection of older Chinese accent and curio pieces.
  • Platane offers original, hard to find, casual Chinese-inspired porcelain, fun girlie gifts such as hand-made small bags as well as gorgeous leather Australian handbags, Luxe guides and one-of-a-kind home accents
  • Urban Tribe–ware includes breezy, baggy tops and long skirts of sumptuous cotton, gorgeous large format matted photos in black & white, as well as color, of Tibet, Burma, Vietnam and Cambodia
  • There's a line of revolutionary-inspired enamelware with modern slogans that might make your kitchen table rather unique.
  • Its designs have a Japanese flavor; pieces are packaged meticulously in wooden boxes, but are uniquely Chinese. If you want to bring souvenir to your friends and relatives, you can come to Spin.
  • If there's a special gift you need to bring home from Shanghai, Shanghai Tang is worth a stop. Her you can find many kinds of special gifts with Shanghai characteristics and the price desive its value.

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