Five Design Companies with the Most Professional Packaging Design Service in Shanghai

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Entering the Chinese market, u
  • More Do Visual Design Co., Ltd is an international well-known design corporation and brand consultation institute which is made of two departments. The corporation owns the design project team, brand marketing center, brand market promotion and related color research studio of its own specialists and experts. Meanwhile, it occupies a 600 square meters premise and 300 square meters independent showroom.
  • AGE China is a corporation with special brand culture and strategy that engages in brand design and advertisement publicity in Shanghai established by ICON&JANDJ. With the senior strategists who are familiar with the corporation’ brand culture and creative and experienced advertisers, it has set up several strategic alliances in the area like Shanghai, Shenzhen and Beijing.
  • Established in 1999, 3C-Design Co., Ltd is a corporation mainly provides professional brand design, visual design and strategy consultation. It owns rich experience of design for Multi-national Corporation, therefore, 3C-Design Co., Ltd has a deep understanding of foreign cultural background and customs which can lead to a successful communication with its consumers. During the past years, it has offered professional brand promotion and visual design services for national and international enterprises with its business involving marketing, corporation image strategy, graphic design and printing and multi-media design and so forth.
  • Shanghai Heye Packaging Design & Manufacture Co., Ltd is a packaging design corporation as well as a manufacturing corporation that mainly provides a full set of services including development, appraisal, graphic design, printing, manufacturing and marketing with the advanced design concept and packaging arts introduced from Japan and Europe. The corporation’ designing team specialize in the brand design involving food, electronic, communication, arts and home decoration with their creative performance and enthusiasm.
  • Shanghai Yonzo Manufacturing Design Co., Ltd is a professional products design institute with rich experience in digital electronic products, medical device equipment, office equipment, instrumentation equipment, public facilities. It also has the designing and production technologic supporting ability which occupies several experienced senior engineers and designers in various areas like processing enterprises, product development designing corporation.

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