Top Ten Mysterious Natural Reserves in China

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The Nature has mysteries which interest the scientists from the very ancient time. It’s plenty of animal and wildlife recourses and amazing scenery made them so mystic. Among Chinese Natural resorts, there are also lots of mystic ones, especially the following tens which truly deserve your visiting.
  • Shennongjia Natural Reserve has the wildest scenery, combining rolling, majestic mountains and vast expanses of thick forest. The special terrain here creates a warm and humid climate, making it a paradise for plants and animals at the meeting point of North and South China.
  • Hanasi Natural Landscape Protected Areas is the state-level natural protected areas. Hanasi Lake takes on different colors following the four seasons of the year. It is not only famous for its beautiful sceneries, but also the monster in the lake.
  • Fanjing Mountain, 2,572 meters above sea level, is situated in southwestern China's Guizhou Province. Having the best preserved ecological system, it has been designated as a national nature reserve. Fanjing Mountain became one of China's sacred Buddhist mountains in the 16th century. It is also a paradise for wild animals. The mountain also has a rare tree species, the dove tree.
  • Located in the boundaries of Zhiduo County and Qumalai County of Qinghai Province, Kekexili Nature Reserve covers an area of 4.5 million hectares. Primitive ecosystem is preserved intact in the Reserve. Snow leopards, golden eagles, gorals and yaks are put under the state protection.
  • The area of Mt. Everest has been built as one of the national natural reserves, wherein live thousands of kinds of plants, hundreds of varieties of wild animals and dense virgin forests. Many of these are precious and rare, like the first-class protected animal ounces and the valuable timber sandals, etc.
  • It is the sacred land of making insect specimen as it has the most kinds of insects. Many foreign scientists have been here to collect the specimen. It has nearly 31 items of insects, more than 20,000 sorts. Jin Banhui swallowtail, Brood-tail Swallowtail Butterfly can be seen here.
  • As the largest natural reserve, it is mysterious in its own way. As few people live there (about 300 people), little influence have been exerted on the area. It is the paradise of wild animals.
  • It is the holy and pure natural reserve in China. For ethnic minority, it is the original place of civilization, which arouses their long profound pure religious emotion. Bondless forest, quite land and the three treasures-Ginseng, mart and pilose deer horn make it more mysterious.
  • It is the oldest, largest, most well-protected populus diversifolia natural reverse.The ancient luobupo people have multiplied here, and the traces of their unique producing and living way still can be found.
  • It has the longest history among all the natural reserves. 1700 kinds of plants are distributed in the mountain. Dinghu Mountain is a famous scenic spot in Guangdong province, the magnificent waterfall and trees are most attractive.

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