Top Ten Appropriate Mountains for Skiing in China

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Snowy scene is a good choice for you if you visit China in winter. Besides, you can also step outside to enjoy yourself in the snow world. The following 10 mountains are definitely your best choices for skiing during your winter holiday in China.
  • It owns the only national skiing place in the middle and south if China. If you come to there, absolutely you will enjoy skiing. 3000 people can ski there at a time. Besides, drinking the corn wine, listening to the story of wild man is unique there.
  • Skiing is a unique feature in Xining Mountain. Here you will enjoy skiing as well as other entertainment on the snow. It becomes a fairy kingdom of snow, the cloud integrating with the sun, forest and snow, brings you a marvelous phenomenon.
  • It is 5596 meters height above the sea level. You can not miss it if you visit Ljiang. The skiing platform is 1000 wide and 600 high and you can come here at any time. The warm weather and 8 months snowy days are the most attractive points.
  • It is the largest skiing place in China, located in Jilin province. In the March and April, the mountain is still hatted by snow. Here you can play and appreciate the snow, but skiing is the most interesting activity. Moreover, you may see many wild animals, such as red deer, black bear, wild boar and so on.
  • It is in the south of Ha-erbin, 50 kilometers away. There are many activities with its unique features, sliding rope, summer sledge and so on. Its 8 ski runs and two large primary ski platforms can offer 2000 people ski there. Now, it has held many international matches.
  • Its precipitous structure and unique fall head makes it a good choice to ski. It has the largest ski platform in the northwest of China, which can serve 10 thousand of people and satisfy their different demands.
  • Located in Neimenggu, it is a place to enjoy the hot spring with the ski boots. It owes volcano, lake, hot spring, forest, river, stone forest and grassland. Integrating the water and fire, it shows a unique and magnificent and peculiar view. Dongshan ski platform offers you to enjoy the hot spring with ski boots.
  • It has the first ski platform in Sichuan province in 1998. Its low temperature and long snowy weather promise an ideal skiing place. People can play the snow, appreciate the ice engraving. Just put yourself in this snow world.
  • Located in Yanqing County in Beijing, it has the largest ski platform in Beijing. Featured on green environment, it has attracted people from all of the world by its beautiful legends and unique scenery.
  • Located in Dandong, it is famous by its magnificence, danger, rare, seclusion and beauty. The green trees, flowing brooks, singing birds and fragrant flowers bring you to another world. The large stone, the rock diff have their own style. In winter, it also a good place to ski.

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