Top 5 Beautiful Lakes in China

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  • With the total area of 4500 square kilometers, the Qinghai Lake is the largest salt-water lake in China. The blue lake has extreme and shocking beauty, which you can find no word that deserves such charms. Bird Island, which accepts over 100 thousand birds every year, lies beside the lake. What’s more, the international racing cycle around Qinghai Lake has become the best cycle racing in Asia.
  • The Kanas Lake, which means "beautiful, rich and mysterious" in Mongolian, is situated in 150km north of Bu'erjin Town in Xinjiang. Nestled in the deep forests and mountains of Altay, the lake is 1,374m above sea level and covers an area of 45sqkm. Besides, the famous legends about “Kanas Monster” add another air of mystery to the lake.
  • In Tibetan, Namtso means “the heavenly lake”. It is one of the three saint lakes of Tibet, covered with a veiling of mystery and sanctity. Vast grassland spreads around the lake and make the Namtso Lake looks more charming together with the blue sky and white clouds. With a vast territory about 1900 square kilometers, the saint position of Namtso Lake in the heart of Tibetan people makes it more than a scenery attraction.
  • Lying on the boundary of China and Korean, the Tianchi Lake on Changbai Mountains has a high latitude of 2150 meters, hence is called Tianchi, means “Heaven Lake”. The lake is a volcanic vent in the shape of basin embraced by 16 mountains peaks. With an area of 10 square kilometers, the Tianchi Lake is like a jade embedded in green mountains.
  • Embedded in the beautiful city of Hangzhou, West Lake is the favorite places of both the residents of Hangzhou and the tourists. Located in the west of Hangzhou, West Lake is not only beautiful for the lake itself, but also the surroundings. Bridges wiggle on the surface of the water; pavilions are hidden behind the trees and bushes. When spring comes, willows stand by the lake and caress the water, and birds sing in the verdant branches----what delicate scenery!

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