Top 6 Most Popular Foreign Language Teachers in China

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Which language are you good at? In China, Japanese teacher, Korea teacher, French teacher, German teacher, Spanish teacher and Italian teacher are the most popular.
  • There is a growing number of Chinese people learning Japanese, the main reasons are, first, Japanese culture is welcome in China; second, Japanese is regarded as an useful language in business and society contact; the third reason is due to Chinese neighborhood in geography with Japan. We may learn from the above that Chinese people learning Japanese is mainly because of the benefit in business. And you must be very popular too in China schools if you are a foreign teacher teaching Japanese.
  • There has been a hot period of recent two years of Chinese people’s Korean training, dates from 2004 when it was difficult to get the visa to Japan for study, many people change their studying abroad destination from Japan to Korea whose aspects are quite like Japan’s; the second reason is larger number of Korean investment enterprises’ flooding in China, causing the scarcity of Korean talents, as a result, Korean teachers may surely enjoy a big market in China.
  • French is a very romantic language, but this is not the reason it is called “the language of love”. In linguistics, “romance”, “romantic” and “love” have no relationship. French is Latin, and it has many things in common with English, even some of the same word spelling with its only difference in their pronunciation. French is always regarded as the most melodious language in the world; it is the official language of France, Canada, Belgium and Swiss, etc. The major French learners are young students and white-collar workers for their interest and working and studying abroad needs and you are sure to be in good grace in the students if you are a French teacher in China.
  • German is the Germanic branch of Indo-European, enjoying 120,000,000 speakers in the world. It is the official language of Germany, Auatria and Swiss as the key language of EU and new East-Europe economics. The Chinese people are learning German out of their needs on jobs though they often communicate with their German colleagues in English, but it may shorten their distances between them when they communicate in German. You may feel happy for this if you are a German teacher, right?
  • Spanish is one of the 6 major working languages in UN, also the official language of 20 Latin America countries and regions including Spain, Argentina and Morocco, etc. You have to spend almost one year to teach a Chinese Spanish beginner to the basic communication in Spanish. Currently, most Spanish learners are learning out of studying abroad and working needs.
  • Italian is quite similar to Spanish; it is one of the Latin of Indo-European. Chinese are learning Italian out of the needs of economics and trade and work, other reasons are that some of them have to catch up the language for travelling. You will be congratulated if you are an Italian teacher, as you may surely earn so much money in China.

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