Most Popular 5 Characteristics the Foreign Teachers Should Have in China

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In recent years, China is brought in line with international practice. The number of foreign students ran up. The requirements Chinese students have on the foreign teachers are increasing. In order to be popular with the Chinese students, instructors should be noted these five major issues:
  • This is the most important distinction between the foreign teachers and the ordinary teachers, and it is also the root reason why a large number of Chinese students chose foreign teachers. Chinese students like the foreign teachers' fluent foreign language, which will improve their ability of spoken language. And they also like the great differences of the two traditional cultures which the foreign teachers displayed.
  • The foreign education manner is a completely different with Chinese education mode. Although the course is just to teach a few sentences or a grammar, with body language, it can be vividly. With the interesting examples, the students' enthusiasms are mobilized, and dare to speak.
  • Chinese students are affected by the traditional thinking profoundly; they envy the rich extracurricular life of the foreign students. The foreign teachers share some of the after-school life with Chinese students, such as Halloween, Christmas, New Year's Day, parties and movies, which will make the students feel ease in the whole learning process.
  • In Chinese traditional education system, students and teachers is unfair, teachers require students to do so, students must submit to teachers and students eager to be treated equally. If the foreign teachers in the classroom give students some choices, such as free to answer questions, the students feel more free and comfortable.
  • The teachers who give more encouragement to students enjoy great popularity, especially to the students with strong desire to learn English well, foreign teacher's encouragement to their spoken English is essential; this can not only stimulate the students' interest of learning, but also provide them with a sense of satisfaction and excitement during the learning process.

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