Top 10 Most Beautiful Country Hotel in China

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Top 10 Most Beautiful Country Hotel in China
  • Just as its name implies, this gorgeous place is located next to the beautiful Tuo River, in southern China's Hunan Province. The view from the hostel's terrace reveals a panoramic vista of the ancient Fenghuang Town.
  • Every where you look, the scenery is so gorgeous and imaginary that you may think you're day-dreaming.
  • Danba is considered one of the most beautiful villages in the world. It's so stunning that visitors be amazed seeing such fantastic views.
  • Laomofang is located beside a brook, whose source is the melted snow from Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.
  • In Dali, a city full of minorities, it's a surprise to find a Western-style hotel. When entering the courtyard, you may be shocked to see so many foreigners swimming in a big pool.
  • Located beside Lugu Lake, everything inside Duoduo seems simple and natural.
  • Located in a beautiful village called Wuyuan, this lodge features some charming scenery.
  • Like Fenghuang Tuo River Hostel, Cuicui is also situated beside the Tuo River, but the decor is totally different.
  • With a clear stream flowing across its gate, Ju Shang Tang becomes an attractive and mysterious place to visit.
  • After a night's sleep, they will wake up to find a stunning scenery of the snow on the mountains and feel every effort to get there is worthwhile.

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