Ten International Exhibition Centers Holding Most Exhibitions in Jiangsu

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Jiangsu possesses several international exhibition centers and has held countless international exhibitions. Now, there are ten international exhibition centers which have held most exhibitions in Jiangsu.
  • Nanjing International Exhibition Center possesses more than 2,200 international-standard exhibition positions. Since its foundation in 2,000, it has held more than 600 large or small exhibitions, among which, there are many famous and influent events, for instance, the 6th World’s Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention, National Medical Equipment Exhibition, National Car Fittings Trade Fair and so on.
  • Lianyungang International Exhibition Center is one of three large exhibition centers in Jiangsu, and it’s also the largest and most advanced modern international exhibition center. For the past few years, it has held many large and middle exhibition activities, such as Lianyungang Local Goods Exhibition, the 9th International Photograph Exhibition and the Second New Euro-Asia Continental Bridge Trade Cooperation Fair, etc.
  • Changzhou International Exhibition Center locates in Changzhou High Technology Park, which has a total construction area of 20,000 square meters and is divided into three exhibition halls A, B, C and a 12,000-square-meter open air exhibition stage. Since its foundation in 1997, it has held the 7th International Small and Medium Enterprises Fair and some other local professional exhibitions.
  • The main function of Suzhou International Conference & Exhibition Center is holding, assisting or undertaking international or domestic exhibitions. Under the support of Jiangsu Provincial Government, with the help of the center’s advanced facilities and excellent services, Suzhou International Conference & Exhibition Center has held many large exhibitions and received many achievements from the society.
  • Till now, Suzhou International Exposition Center has held many exhibitions in total. The newest events include The 3rd China International Logistics Technology and Services Expo,2009 Suzhou International Textile and Accessories Exhibition,China (Suzhou) International Auto Expo 2009, The 3rd China International Logistics Technology and Services Expo and some others.
  • Since the successful holding of Jiangsu International Agricultural Cooperative Research Fair on October 24th, 2002, Yangzhou International Exhibition Center has also held Chinese International Print Machine Exhibition, Basketball Game for Chinese of the World, Car Exhibition, China Yangzhou Clothes Exhibition and some other large exhibition activities.
  • Xuzhou International Exhibition Center has held more than 100 large events successfully, for instance, China 2nd Food Package and Manufacturing Machine Fair, Xuzhou Economic and Trade Cooperation Conference, Print Machine Exhibition in East China in 2003, 2003 China Living Industry Exposition, Merchandise Communicative Fair in Eastern-west of China and some other exhibitions.
  • Changzhou International Conference & Exhibition Center is situated in new north area of Changzhou, which integrates newly built sport center, swimming pool, tennis stadium, theatre and forms a large industrial center. Besides, there are outdoor square, underground garage, press hall, commercial center and other facilities. It is a good choice for some large or medium exhibitions.
  • Nanjing Conference & Exhibition Center is centered on exhibition conference, which also holds some relevant exhibitions, ceremonies and services. It is a multiple comprehensive center integrating exhibition, conference, office affair, food & beverage, recreation and apartment. This center keeps globalization road and creates increasingly, so that the numbers of exhibitions has been increasing.
  • Jiangsu Exhibition Hall locates at the edge of Xuanwu Lake in a Nanjing famous beauty spot, which occupies 33,000 square meters with a total construction of 25,000 square meters. This hall belongs to Jiangsu Provincial Economic Trade Committee and it is one of the largest modern exhibition halls in Jiangsu. It undertakes any kinds of exhibition conferences, trade fairs, exchange fairs and scientific cultural activities both at home and abroad.

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