Four Most Famous Exhibition Centers with Characteristic Architectural Style in Beijing

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Beijing, as the economic and financial center of China, has about 30 famous exhibition centers for international exhibitions. Besides for the first-class facilities, some of the exhibition centers are also unique in design, which will bring great enjoyment for foreigners who join exhibitions in Beijing.
  • Being regarded as one of the ten classical buildings in Beijing, National Agriculture Exhibition Center’ arrangement and style design is determined by Zhouenlai Premier in China. It contains 10 exhibition halls which are designed according to the traditional garden style in ancient China. Being shined by the green trees and clear lake besides it, this exhibition center will be the best choice to experience Chinese ancient culture.
  • Haidian Exhibition Center is the only green garden style exhibition center in Beijing. It lies in the north of the park, West Mountain is to its back, garden and lakes are to its south. The fa?ade of the exhibition center is simple and conspicuous. Reflected by the beautiful garden picture, it is modern and energetic.
  • Seeing the exhibition center from a long distance, the exhibition hall’s sharp top and romantic appearance just make it like a castle in the story. With its timeline starting back in 1954, Beijing Exhibition Center (BEC) comes as the first-ever massive comprehensive exhibition venue in Beijing. It is situated at Xizhimenwai Avenue, which lies at the heart of Beijing’s business center.
  • It is the representative of nobility in Beijing and being regared as “The Place Where China Meets the World” for its magnificent appearance and height. It is the top market commercial mixed-use development in China. Established in 1985 and fully functional in 1990, China World Trade Center has contributed significantly to the development of China’s top-quality service industry and facilitated the enhancement of investment environment in Beijing.

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