Top Ten Ancient Memorial Archways in China

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In the Chinese ancient times, the memorial arch was the building to commend exploits, imperial examination,benevolent rule and loyalty. Now visiting these memorial arches, you still might catch the trace from their vicissitudes signature thus enter Chinese ancient and novel culture.
  • Located in the ancient post road in the south of Longchang County, it has more than 500years of history. It is called stereoscopic history book. Now, there exist 17 memorial arches, which are the succinct of building in Ming and Qing dynasty incorporating philosophy, history, mathematics, literature, mechanics, architecture and art.
  • It is located in front of the Changli road, the west of study palace, first constructed in Ming dynasty. It is 10 meters high, 10.9 meters wide, with four pillars three gates and three floors. The famous poet Hanyu in Tang dynasty used to be prefectural governor here, so people built it to memorize him by using his name Changli as the name of the arch.
  • Located in Yihuang County, Jiangxi province, this memorial arch was built to commend the famous generals who had beaten the ancient Japan in Ming dynasty. It has 6 pillars, use large slabstone as its face. In the middle there are many horizontal inscribed boards which are exquisite engraved.
  • Standing in the She county, Anhui province, the arch is 11.5 meters high, 6.77 meters wide. It is Chinese domestic rare “octagonal decorative archway”.This memorial arch is for a commendation of Xuguo, a renowned statesman who has served under three consecutive emperors in Ming Dynasty .The memorial arch was unique because it was gifted when the holder was still alive.
  • Built in the 6th year of Wanli, Ming dynasty, it was 13 meters high and 10 meters wide. The whole arch is made from local rock, “Yixianqing”, and it is delicately engraved. The feudal provincial Hu wenguang was the holder.
  • Located in Baiyun Mountain, the holy place of Taoist in Huangtu plateau, 5 kilometers away from the Jia County, Shanxi province, it was constructed in the 33th year of Wanli, Ming dynasty. With 12 meters high, two floors, it owes many arches and the main arch has 26 stone beasts.
  • Located in the famous Xiong villege, it was built in THE PRIOD OF Qianlong, Qing dynasty. Named by the famous Cao Wenzhi andhis sun Cao Zhenyong who were the prime ministers in their times, it has witnessed the prosperity and decline of the dynasty.
  • It is a single gate arch with fifteen meters wide, four pillars and three floors. it was rebuilt in the 57th year of Qianlong, Qing dynasty. Its eaves have 12 corners which can be hang wind bells.
  • Located in Luo Jing town, it has four pillars and three floors. it was built to memerize the Weng, wife of Yuande for her purity. This memorial arch has 12 colorful phoenixes with different models, is of high art value.
  • It is made from marble, 12.2 meters high and 15 meters widw. Standing in the mountain, it is surrouned by trees and flowers. Four stone drums are put in the ground, and on the drums, there are four pair of stone lions guarding the south gate of Qianfo Mountain.

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