Top Ten Chinese Food You Never Miss to Taste

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When you come to China, you must try Chinese food. In order for your rewarding trip, we select top 10 Chinese food you never miss to taste according to their popularity and hope that you can get delicious food in China.
  • Roast duck is no doubt the best representative of Chinese cuisine. It, which has a centuries-old history, seems to be even more popular than Donald Duck. People who come to China or Beijing eat roast duck. During Beijing Olympic, the daily consumption of roast duck reaches an alarming number. From this you can see how much people love roast duck. Therefore, China must come to eat roast duck.
  • In China, Kung Pao Chicken gets many cooking methods, from which you can see how much people’s approval to it. Their rich, spicy and sweet taste is enjoyed by all people. In various restaurants it is one of the most popular dishes. You will never regret to try it if you come to China.
  • Beijing snacks have unique taste and are worthy of careful taste such as Pea Cake and Ai Wo Wo; Muslim snacks such as fried pork tripe and Fried Chop Rice Cake; Han people snacks well-received by under stratum people such as Wheaten cake boiled in meat broth. Beijing snacks, which are the world-famous, are special food for people coming to Beijing.
  • With the most homely method and the most common raw materials, it stimulates people's taste for it being strong hot and spicy. More and more people cannot stop tasting it. What is the most important: it is cheap and affordable! Maybe no other style of cooking is able to be spicy to the extreme like Sichuan dishes.
  • A kind of Sichuan food you cannot miss! Never try such a provocative food in the morning, right? So taste it!
  • Crawfish with Chili Sauce has become a favorite of the Chinese people long time ago, and thus the Double Street got its reputation. Bright red crayfish with a delicious spicy make people give two thumbs up. During Beijing Olympic Games, many people eat the crawfish after watching the games.
  • Though Bullfrog is small, its delicious taste gains so many people’s love. Silky smooth meat makes its taste fabulous no matter it is with pickled pepper or water cooking. Maybe you don’t feel good to see raw meat or something, but you cannot resist the delicious taste after it being cooked specially.
  • As a unique Chinese cuisine, Dumpling is a symbol of traditional Chinese culture in addition of delicious taste. So it is undoubtedly the most right food that should be recommended.
  • Yangzhou cuisine is renowned for their elaboration, but Yangzhou fried rice really belongs to the public. It is from the public awareness and research. As a result of its cooking speed and convenience, it is also very popular to ordinary people in China.
  • Although far from being artistic, Chinese noodle can be cooked with any material and adapt to everyone’s special needs. It is a worldwide food favor by eastern and western people with different eating habits. Therefore, you have no reason not to try it.

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