Top 8 Resorts for Admiring the Full Moon during the Mid-Autumn Festival

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Mid-Autumn Festival is a traditional festival in China for people getting together on this day. The full moon represents the reunion, so many people who cannot return home due to some reasons hope to find the best place to admire the full moon, expressing the missing to the hometown and family. The following 8 resorts in China will be your best choice.
  • Mount Lushan is the most romantic place to admire the round moon for young lovers. Walking along the quiet path where many trees on both sides, you will feel the whole world just belongs to you. When the moon rises, you would feel closer to it as if you can touch it when raising your hand. The moon is as clear and bright as a mirror, with the smooth moonlight flowing on your face.
  • Lanzhou is the best place for you to express the homesickness. Standing on the so vast field, seeing the so solitary moon, you will miss your family so much on this day when other people get together to appreciate the bright moon.
  • Guilin is the most magic place to appreciate the full moon. When the moon rises, you could go boating to the Shuiyue Cave and you will have a magic sight that there are three moons around you, one sinking in the bottom of the river, one floating on the surface, and another hanging in the sky.
  • In addition to the fantastic moonlight, standing in a sea of queer stones and clouds, you will feel like being in a fairyland, forgetting the time and busy life.
  • Climbing on the east top of Taiqing Palace in Mount Laoshan of Qingdao Province, seeing the bright full moon rise, and feeling the vast blue sea in a far distance, you will feel peaceful and quiet.
  • Yangzhou is the most poetic place to appreciate the full moon. Standing on the Ershisi Bridge of Yangzhou, looking up the moon in the sky and looking down the other moon in the water, you may seem to hear somebody playing upon pipes, beautifully and smoothly.
  • Sanjiangkou, the mouth of three rivers, locates in Yibin City of Sichuan Province. When the full moon rises, the water is as quiet as a mirror, reflecting the bright moon in the surface, which brings you a spectacular landscape.
  • There are three best places to appreciate the full moon in Hangzhou. The first will be Santanyinyue, one of three islands in the West Lake; the second is Yueyan Scenic Spot in Fenghuang Mountain; and the third is Pinghuqiuyue, on the south bank of Baidi, which is one of ten scenic spots of West Lake.

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