Top Ten Resorts to Enjoy Hot Spring in China

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The most perfect thing is to integrate the visit with the recuperation when you are in outside world. Do you consider enjoying the hot spring after climbing a mountain or swimming in a pool? Try it, you will keep the pressure and troubles away and become more active.
  • It is a famous mineral spring set off by pine and birch. 48 mouths of the spring exert magic effects for the recuperation. Particularly, the cold and high heat spring is inclusive of copper, manganese and other micro scale factors, which are helpful for illness of digest organ, cardiovascular and so on.
  • Huaqingchi Hot Spring once was the imperial spring and enjoys a reputation of top1 hot spring in the world. The temperature of the water is kept 43 degrees, and will never be influenced by the change of season. Rich mineral factors are included in the water.
  • Located in Nanjing, it is the best place for women. The spring is clear and transparent, helpful for treating skin disease, arthritis, some of them even can kill the parasitic animals. The annual temperature of the spring is about 50 to 60 degrees.
  • It is famous for its warm sand bath. On the side of the brook, people can make a bathtub by digging the sand. Lying on the bathtub, they can enjoy the spring according to their habit. Conghua Spring is helpful for people’s health.
  • Don’t be cheated by its outdated name. Located in An Mountain, the temperature of the spring reaches 72 degree. With many micro scale mineral elements, the spring can help you keep away from disease. Moreover, the scenery of the mountain is wealth you visit.
  • Located in Chongqing, the temperature of the spring keeps 40 degree. It can help you promote the process of metabolism, strengthen the function of organ and treat skin disease. Nearby the hot spring, there are five famous springs which are chilly and glycol.
  • The boiling mineral water running through Hot Streams all years round. The temperature of those outlets of springs can be 92, scientific analysis shows the springs belong to a high quality mild type and are rich in carbonate that can be properly applied in medical treatment.
  • Located in the foot of Cinnabar Mountain, the temperature of the spring is about 42 degree. The spring can be enjoyed and drunk. It is helpful for treating skin disease, rheumatic disease and indigestion. Moreover, Yellow mountain hotel, where is nearby the hot spring, is a famous place for tourists to visit.
  • The peaceful hot spring enjoys the reputation of “the first soup in the world”. Located in Yunnan, it has glorious history. This hot spring has many characteristics- the water is clear and can be used to steep tea, the natural stone does not accumulate the dirt.
  • Chicheng Hot Spring is located in a deep and remote valley, 7.5 kilometers away from chicheng city. It is 942 meters higher than the sea level. The temperature of the spring is about 68 degree, which can help you keep warm without coal. You will enjoy the natural air conditioner as you like.

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