Top 10 Certified Public Accountants in China

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About the Ranking
It is of great importance for a foreign company to find a professional accountant company when it needs accountant help. In China, there are many excellent accountant companies and institutes. The following are the most famous one.
  • China Chain International Tax Consultancy (abbreviated to CCITC below) tries to attain the service object to assist our clients in minimizing the tax risk, exploring the optional tax saving opportunity and realizing the complicated tax planning. It provides with tax professional services in multi-regions, specialization, diversification and depth according to the relevant tax laws and regulations.
  • Guangzhou Langhua Certified Public Accountants is an accountant office reformed and incorporated by many accountant (auditing) offices. It has been established legally and has been operating for more than 10 years. It has complete management system with a lot of professional and experienced personnel.
  • It is the only statutory licensing body of accountants in Hong Kong responsible for regulation of the accountancy profession. Its aim is to serve the accountancy profession and the public through an efficient and transparent system of self-regulation and effective professional development in line with the development of Hong Kong as a world city.
  • Shanghai Chenghui Certified Public Accountants Co., Ltd. is a professional accounting and consulting provider approved by Shanghai Financial Bureau. The company was established in 2003. It has five partners all of them have more than eight years’ experience in the area of financial management, tax planning, auditing and management consulting.
  • It is in the group that was firstly double-qualified to engage in audit and assertion on stock and futures, and also qualified for the project construction cost consultation. It is also in the first batch to be qualified to engage in finance auditing by Treasury Department and the People’s Bank of China.
  • Beijing XingZhongHai Certified Public Accountants was founded in May, 1999 as approved by fiscal Bureau. It is a separate and independent legal entity with registered capital RMB one million. The companmy complies strictly with Independence, Objectivity and Justice.
  • Salustro zhongrui Certified Public Accountants is a Chinese-French cooperative public accounting firm, which was approved by the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation of the People's Republic of China and established on January 1,2000. Salustro Zhongrui is the first Chinese-foreign cooperative public accounting firm after China'CPA profession completed the privatization process.
  • Guangzhou Pearl River Certified Public Accountants had a long history, especially Guangzhou Certified Public Accountants was the second accounting firm established in People’s Republic of China. In the past twenty years, both firms provided general and efficient professional service to the clients according to rule of law and audit guide.
  • Pan-China (Chongqing) Certified Public Accountants is one of the first CPA firms in China which has broken off its relationship of subordination with the government and reformed to an independent medium organ with the qualification for engaging in auditing listed companies, sponsored by CPAs of former Chongqing Certified Public Accountants after, and one of the CPA firms with the largest scale in Southwest China.
  • The Chinese Institute Of Certified Public Accountant is the statutory licensing body of accountants in China which is responsible for regulation of the accountancy profession.

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