Ten Local Accounting Firms with Strong Strength in Shanghai

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Besides for the branches of the famous international accounting firms in Shanghai, Shanghai also has a large group of native accounting firms owning diversified practice areas and high quality accountant teams. According to the size, business scope, and the quality of teams, we have selected 10 local accounting firms with strong strength.
  • Established in 1927 in Shanghai, SPCPA is an accounting firm with great influence in China. At present, it has a accountant team of more than 500 people with business areas referring to audit, tax consultation, and construction cost consultation.
  • After more than 20 years’ development, it has developed itself into one of the largest accounting firms in Shanghai. Among its practice areas, the tax consultation service offered by it is first-class.
  • Catering to the opening up of China, it is one of the A-class accounting firms which are authorized to deal with assets appraisal as approved by National Administrative Bureau of State Assets of the P.RC.
  • It is one of the oldest accounting firms engaged in auditing service in Shanghai. With more than 190 staff, it has offered professional auditing service for some famous enterprises and organizations in Shanghai.
  • After ten years’ development, Jiahua has developed itself into one of the main accounting service providers for foreign enterprises in Shanghai. It is also the member of BKR International.
  • Being made up of five enterprises engaged in different areas, Hubo CPA owns more than 25 CAPs and most of them hold important qualifications issued by relevant organizations.
  • With more than 20 CPAs’ effort, Shanghai Congxin Certified Public Accountants has established a complete service system covering most of the practice areas, which include audit, capital checking, accounting service and other services.
  • Since its establishment, MIngrui CPA has offered accounting services for more than 700 foreign investors from all over the world. Diversified service items and professional CAP team has made it one of the best accounting firms in Shanghai.
  • Founded in 1993, it receives more than 1000 cases related with various audit, capital checking, financial supervision, economic activities analysis each year. Its strict quality control system is also famous in the industry.
  • Being one of the main accounting service providers for foreign enterprises in Shanghai, Yuanzhi CPA offers more than 6 types of accounting services and offered services for than 100 foreign enterprises.

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