Ten Accounting Firms with Most Professional Auditing Service in Beijing

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About the Ranking
For a foreign enterprise who wants to develop in China, they may need to manage its business according to the relevant supervision regulations in China’s market. According to the quality of the auditors in each accounting firm in Beijing, we have selected out the most professional ones.
  • Based on rich experience in local and international laws and regulations, the auditing group in Deloitte can assist clients with various types of auditing services including financial reporting in mainland China, computer audit and Internal audit.
  • As one of the most famous international accounting firms in the world, Ernst & Young owns more than 6500 professional auditors in China, many of whom have rich experience in providing auditing services for top enterprises in the world.
  • KPMG China has developed a globally consistent audit process that is designed to concentrate on the key areas of risk, based on a company's operational characteristics and performance profile.
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers provides professional industry-focused audit and assurance services to build public trust and enhance value for its clients and their stakeholders. More than 155,000 people in 153 countries across its network share their solutions.
  • Taking auditing operations as its main practice area, ShineWing has established more than 10 auditing departments which are engaged in international business auditing and information system auditing.
  • With headquarter located in Shanghai, SPCA Beijing takes great advantages in statutory audit and special audit. No matter for listed companies or foreign companies need acquisition or liquidation or other issues, it will do the best.
  • Being familiar with international Accountants Rules and relevant rules in China, Reanda has successfully provided auditing service for foreign investors in various types such as auditing of foreign exchange accountants.
  • Founded in 1983, Zhongshen has won great reputation for its professional accounting service. Now the audit operation has become one of the five main practice areas of it.
  • As one of the earliest accounting firms founded in Chin, Vocation International has become the lead in the auditing services related with large-scale enterprises’ issues and finance.
  • Holding the special qualification issued by China's Securities Regulatory Commission, Tin Wha has rich experience in dealing with the audit affairs related with futures.

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