Most Famous Five Accounting Firms with the Largest Business Scope in Qingdao

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About the Ranking
With the great development of the world’ economy, the corporations are more and more particular to financial audit. And the business scope is significant to the success of an accounting firm. Then the following 5 accounting firms with the largest business scope in Qingdao will be your first choice.
  • With about 200 staffs including 104 certified public accountants,28 certified assets appraisers as well as 33 certified tax agents, it provides the businesses as accounting statement audit, the audit of foreign-invested enterprises, state-owned enterprises inventory audit, corporate acquisitions, mergers, separation, reorganization, restructuring, liquidation audit, economic responsibility audit, due diligence audit, audit, property damage reported, the special tax and other tax review auditing, financial infrastructure, accounts auditing, capital verification, the design of internal controls, audit, enterprise property rights as defined in auditing, forensic auditing, financial analysis and audit of solvency.
  • Founded in 1989, it is restructured to a comprehensive social intermediate institute with legal personality and limited liability under approval of the Finance Department of Shandong Province. As the earliest accounting firm in Qingdao with a long history, the firm provides with such services as accounting statement audit, foreign exchange audit, audit-related topics involved, the audit for the contractor, resign audit, corporate dissolution, merger, liquidation audit, economic audit, corporate annual paid-up capital audit, enterprise performance evaluation to its customers.
  • Established in 1999, Xinhua and its subordinate units having got more than 10 certificates that permit to do business within China, it provides such businesses as annual accounting statements, auditing, financial revenue and expenditure audit, the responsibility of the operators contract the audit, corporate dissolution, merger, bankruptcy liquidation accounting statement audit, economic audit, special audit of economic projects, the audit of bank loans, foreign aid project audit, of a corrupt or an error special investigation and so on.
  • During the past ten years’ efforts since founded, it accumulates rich experience with around 100 staffs at the present, which can provide the businesses as accounting statement audit, the audit of foreign exchange, merger, separation and liquidation audit, internal audit, investment investigation, the resign audit and shareholding reform and so on.
  • It owns a number of professional and experienced talented persons from the majors like accounting, auditing, taxation, engineering and law. And more than 70% of its staffs are certified public accounts, registered tax agents, certified assets appraisers and certified cost engineers. The firm provides various businesses involving audit, accounting, managerial consultation and assets appraisal such as annual statement audit or other statement audits for specific purpose.

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