Five Most Professional Certified Public Accountants for Accounting Service in Suzhou

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About the Ranking
There are five most professional certified public accountants in Suzhou, according to the strengths of their own account ranks and accounting experience.
  • Anxin Certified Public Accountants possesses more than 60 high qualified professionals and nearly 2,000-square-meter office place. In addition, it’s equipped with new comfortable office facilities, complete computer local area network management system. And the professionals majoring in accounting business can offer all-wave accounting services for foreign enterprises.
  • Huarui Public Accounting Firm is the earlier office serving accounting services in Suzhou; it has undertaken accounting service since 1997. Many employees adopts “employee rental” method to offer accounting service, in the course of time, they collected rich experience during the work. In addition, their primitive theory knowledge and educational training contribute to their being competence for accounting business.
  • It was founded in 1992. Its business range includes accountants, tax, capital assessment, project cost consultant, management consultant and relevant agent and other comprehensive services for enterprises of various kinds. There are 50 people in Zhonghui, of which 15 certified public accountants, 10 certified tax agent, 5 certified public appraisers, 8 registered cost assessors, 2 real estate appraisers, and 1 international internal auditor.
  • The team of Suzhou Huaming consists of 50 members, which includes 13 experiential CPAs. Team of Huaming strictly sticks to the principles-independence, objectivity and integrity. Today, Huaming offers audit and verification, book-keeping, consultation service. "Help clients and staff achieve excellence ", Huaming's career is to pay attention to the details of business.
  • Suzhou Fangben Certified Public Accountants was founded by 5 senior certified public accountants with highly outstanding achievements. There are about twenty office clerks in Fangben. Up to now, in possession of various kinds of talents including certified public accountants, engineers and taxation specialists, Fangben has rendered variety of specialized services to hundreds of enterprises and gained full appreciation from the clients.

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