Five Famous Accounting Firms with Experienced Assets Evaluation Service in Shenzhen

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For a foreign enterprise who wants to develop their business in a smooth way, it should not ignore the importance of assets evaluation, for this will help it to know much more clearly about itself. According to the scope and quality of the experts in assets evaluation, we have selected the following 5 famous accounting firms in Shenzhen.
  • Owning more than 103 Chinese registered accountants and 35 Chinese property assessors, Nanfang Minhe CPA offers professional and comprehensive assets evaluation referring to the whole development process of a company, which includes enterprise reorganization evaluation, enterprise investment evaluation, enterprise mortgage evaluation, etc.
  • Founded in March 1993, Great Wall CPA is one of the well established CPA firms in Shenzhen. It has a team of over 100 experts and professionals, among which over 80 are Certified Public Accountants. The professional assets evaluation services include statutory assets and intangible assets valuation, state-owned assets valuation, and overall assets valuation.
  • Being regarded as one of the accounting service providers for foreign enterprises in Shenzhen, Zhongshen CPA is able to offer six types of assets evaluation for various organizations, and these six types of assets evaluation include complete assets evaluation, intangible assets valuation, real estate assets evaluation, mechanical equipment assets evaluation, etc.
  • Being consisted of a high quality team, Changjiang CPA offers first-class accounting service of checking computations and assets evaluation. It not only offers individual assets evaluation service, but also offers intangible assets valuation and total assets evaluation for enterprises that need it.
  • Sticking to the principle of “Quality is first”, Delik CPA has a professional team for assets evaluation of different age. They are all experienced in various types of assets evaluation, which include real objects assets evaluation, patent assets evaluation, non-patent assets evaluation and corporate assets evaluation.

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