Five Certified Public Accountants Gaining the Most Construction Cost Experience in Beijing

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About the Ranking
Professional engineering construction cost consultation can help enterprises reduce the risk of investment. According to the difference of the experience of professional staff, the following 5 accounting firms have gained unmatched advantages.
  • The construction cost consultation department of ShineWing has got the 1st A-level engineering cost advisory service by the Ministry of Construction P.R.China. After years of development, it has accumulated a lot of professional experience and has established a standard technology system. The consultation department now possesses 12 engineers, 5 registered real estate appraisers. It mainly deals with the draft of construct contract, construction budget and construction bid, etc.
  • Founded in 1988, the company has accumulated a lot of practical experience. With the joint efforts of the whole staff, it can provide all services related with construction cost including construction project estimates and audit, construction budget, single asset, audit activities and engineering construction consultation, etc.
  • Zhongtianheng is a comprehensive consultation group which is made up of Zhongtianheng Certified Public Accountants, Zhongtianheng Engineering Consultation Company and Zhongtianheng Management Consultation Company. It can provide one-stop services like audit, engineering cost appraisal and consultation and liquidation. In addition, it can provide 10 kinds of engineering consultation including construction project estimates, bid inviting and economic disputes, etc.
  • In 2007 the firm began to provide engineering cost services for part-time. But when the Beijing Zhongtianyun Engineering Cost Service Co., Ltd was established, it received A-level engineering cost advisory service. After years of development, it has nourished a team of excellent engineers with high professional duties. It provides services like merger, affiliation, dissolution and selling property appraisal, etc.
  • The firm is proud of its high-quality staff and partners with rich experience. It has possessed a number of certificates like Securities and Futures Intermediaries, State-Owned Enterprise Audit and Asset Appraisal, etc. it provides engineering cost service like engineering cost appraisal, budget, audit and engineering contract, etc.

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