Five Accounting Firms with the Most Professional Taxation Services in Tianjin

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As one of the 4 municipalities directly under the Central Government in China, an economic center of the north China, an international harbor city and an eco-city, Tianjin attracts many foreigners’ investment. Since taxation is very important for a foreign enterprise to develop successfully. Here are 5 accounting firms with the most professional taxation services in Tianjin to help you deal with the taxation.
  • With approval of the Tianjin Finance Bureau and the State State-owned Assets Administration Bureau, it was registered in January 2000 in Tianjin bonder area and set up business departments in Development Zone, Airport Logistics Processing Zone, Hangu District. Till the end of 2008, the firm has more than 80 staffs including 66 certified public accountants, 13 certified assets appraisers, 10 registered tax agent and 5 certified real estate appraisers and can provide the services as tax consulting, tax consultants, tax planning and tax agents to its customers.
  • It was founded in 1999 after separation from Tianjin State Tax Bureau. Now, it owns more than 90 staffs including 40 certified public accountants, 8 certified assets appraisers and 22 registered tax agents and can provide its customers with services like tax consulting, tax agent, tax planning and tax consultants.
  • It is a legal registered accounting firm with the approval of the nation which owns a team of professional staffs including 30 certified public accountants, 12 certified assets appraisers, 10 certified real estate appraisers, 8 certified Cost engineers, 5 senior accountants,4 senior auditors. And its business scope includes finance outsourcing, finance consulting, finance agent, taxation evaluation, taxation delegation and finance training.
  • It’s a limited liability corporation launched by certified public accountants with approval of Tianjin Finance Bureau, which owns the professional staffs from the majors as finance, accounting, audit, taxation, economy management and law. The main businesses provided include tax consulting, tax registration, purchase of invoices for the corporation, and evaluation of taxation.
  • It is an intermediate institute founded in 1988 with firm strength and good reputation, which owns many professional staffs like certified public accountants with a high degree, certified assets appraisers, registered real estate appraisers, bond analyst, registered tax agent, the cost engineers, senior accountants and senior engineers with providing such services as taxation consulting, taxation adjustment analysis, taxation planning and export rebates consulting.

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